• Top 3 E-Juices To Vape This Winter From Smoking Vapor

    Top 3 E-Juices To Vape This Winter From Smoking Vapor

    As a part of my annual Winter rituals, I like to sit and contemplate what I can do differently, in concurrence with this time of year. I make a concerted to practice this for every season, beginning with a peaceful and welcoming meditation. This includes activities, attires and yes, vaping decisions, as this too can be altered for awhile. Just for awhile.

    Hence, I offer up my top three vaping flavor decisions:

    Winter E-Juice Flavor #3: WASHINGTON'S FOSTER - CASH $ LINE

    I include Washington's because it's so rich and sweet. Yes, let's just put this one right out there to begin with! It's the sweet ones that intrigued us to vape in the first place? Right? Well, yeah. I like something sweet in my cartridge at the end of a productive and tiring day.

    Winter E-Juice Flavor #2: 30 ML JUNKYARD SCOTCH BY UNCLE JUNKS

    Junkyard is another sweet juice. The intricate mix will tantalize your palate and tease your taste buds, as it does mine. In fact, it makes me wish that I had a bigger and more powerful cartomizer, one that would smoke out a large colony of killer bees. Bananas, butterscotch and other essences. Oh my! This is another one that proves to be a real treat at the end of the day. I like to sit on the porch with my dogs and relax and unwind with it. I like to wave at strange passerby's too.

    Winter E-Juice Flavor #1: SV PREMIUM MENTHOL E LIQUID 10ML

    Finally, the menthol. I had to include a menthol. It's my stable, after all. I reach for the menthol before I sit on another flavor. It's the one that I choose to begin my day with. I like it for driving too. It's funny how we become so quickly accustomed to particular flavors during particular times of the day.

  • Top 3 Fall E-Liquids From Smoking Vapor

    Top 3 Fall E-Liquids From Smoking Vapor

    There are certain aspects of the Fall season that everyone associates with. The temperature drops, a relaxing wind breezes by the ever-changing colors of trees as you put on a sweater. You can smell the apple pies coming fresh out of the oven. The pumpkin-spice pops up in everything from coffee to desserts and you think, "now I know autumn is coming." Speaking of pumpkin spice, what are some of the flavors that go best with this changing season? Well, we've put together 3 of the best e-liquid flavors you can vape while admiring the color changes and cooler weather that help define the fall season.

    PENNYWISE is one of the most delicious e-juice flavors out there. Unlike some of the e-juices, which seem to lose their flavor after a view hits, this juice actually maintains its taste for vape after vape. The fruit flavors are unique and dynamic, and seem to complement each other in a new and powerful way each time. Whether it's that apple pie flavor or that spiced cider that you expect with the upcoming fall season, you can find the perfect flavor to pair with your autumn celebrations with this e juice. Each flavor has a strong, rich body that you would expect from a premium brand.

    Everyone knows that transition from fall to summer means dropping temperatures and cooler weather, so why not cool off with Cool Menthol  E Liquid? In addition that cool flavor, it has a delicious freshness with a tobacco taste beneath right before a smooth finish. A perfect pairing with the cooler autumn temperatures, this menthol flavor will make you fit right in with the Fall festivities. You won't be disappointed with this one!

    Apple picking, apple pies, apple cider- everyone knows that fall means it's apple season. Most people have very fond memories of going on apple picking field trips during the fall with school, or trying grandma's apple pie, so why not get in the mood with this delicious green apple e-liquid? It gives you that sweet and sour, yet crisp and pure, delicious apple flavor that everyone associates with the fall season. This e-liquid is filled with unique flavors with a slightly tart finish on exhale. Anyone who wants to try a sour vape juice to pair with the apples of the Fall season will love this flavor.

    So as the leaves turn from that summer green to the red, yellow, and orange of autumn, don't forget to try these unique e-liquid flavors. They'll pair perfectly with the cooler breezes in the air that carries with it the smell and sensations of the pumpkin spiced coffees and lattes or the apple pies cooling in the windows. You won't be disappointed with these!

  • Increasing Your RDA Flavor and Throat Hit

    Increasing Your RDA Flavor and Throat Hit

    If you're looking for more flavor and a better throat hit from your RDA, there are a few things you can do. The size of your coil, type of material used for your wick, the distance your coil is from your airflow, the amount of airflow, and the VG/PG ratio of your e-liquid all affect the taste and feel of your hit.

    The most important factor in increasing flavor is the surface area of the coil. A larger surface area means you'll be burning more juice and flavoring. The type of wire used is also a factor. Using twisted or clapton coils allows juice to fill the nooks and bring out more flavor. How the coil is wicked is another factor. You can't have too tight of a coil or the juice won't be able to travel up to the coil fast enough and will result in more dry hits. If the coil is too loose, you'll end up with spots that are hotter on your coil and have dry hits as well. Airflow is another factor in flavor. Basically the less airflow there is, the more flavor you get. A fully open or very airy RDA will result in less flavor. An RDA with the airflow openings right next to the coils will help with giving more flavor due to the air being able to flow around the whole coil.

    The key element to getting a good throat hit is heat. Essentially, the hotter the coil, the better the throat hit. If you're using a mechanical mod the best way to get hotter coils is to build a lower ohm coil (be careful). Look for a battery from a brand you trust that has an amp limit of at least 30 With an electric mod you want to increase the wattage/voltage. For the wick, you want to use cotton or rayon as they burn hotter than silica. As for the coils, thinner wire and shorter coils will be hotter at the expense of cloud volume.

    One of the tricky aspects is coil placement. If you want a good throat hit you need to have the coil further away from the airflow intake, but that may come at the cost of flavor. You're going to have to do a little experimenting to find the right distance for the right balance of flavor to throat hit. The amount of PG in the e-juice will have an effect on throat feel as well. The higher the PG, the more feel it'll have.

    There is no one answer to the perfect build. The type of juice you use, the RDA you're using, and personal preference are going to determine how you build your coil. Through experimentation and adjustments, you'll be able to find the right balance for you.

  • 3 Tips To Avoid Damaging Your Wicks

    3 Tips To Avoid Damaging Your Wicks

    It can be annoying when you’re in the middle of an awesome vaping session and suddenly everything comes to a grinding halt. You’re not able to vape. It’s important to take care of your wicks because it greatly affects the quality of your vaping. Continuing to use a damaged wick will leave you with a burnt taste in your mouth. It’s less than enjoyable, so it’s in your best interest to learn how to take care of your wick so you can have thick, flavorful vape every time. Wigth that said, here are a few quick tips that you can start doing today to enjoy your vaping sessions more.

    Smaller Puffs
    Taking deep puffs and waiting in between puffs for long periods can cause the burnt taste to come about. To avoid this, take smaller puffs which ensure that the wick is thoroughly coated in e-liquid. When you wait long periods of time before you hit your vape again, the e-liquid either drips back into the tank or evaporates. Simply take a few small hits before you turn the battery on and take a hit. This helps ensure that the wick is saturated and that’s what you want.

    How VG and PG Affect Your Wick
    Your wick is going to be affected differently depending upon whether you use vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). VG is thicker and typically used for sweeter e-liquids. The viscosity of this type of e-liquid can lead to buildup on your wick from the sugars. The sugar can actually burn and leads to a burnt taste. The sweeter your e-liquid is, the more likely it will build up on your wick. If you enjoy thick, dark, sweet e-liquids there is no need to change. Just keep in mind how your favorite flavor affects the wick. You may find yourself changing out old wicks for new ones more frequently because of the type of e-liquid.

    Proper Wick Size
    You can buy your wicks from a vape store or simply create them yourself. You can likely find material for you wick within your home. You can use silica wick, organic cotton balls, or Cellucotton rayon balls. Make sure that you don’t insert too much wick into the chamber. The wick is going to expand once it is saturated in the e-liquid. Too much expansion can lead to burning and thus a burnt taste.

    In addition to these tips, you also want to do basic maintenance. Clean your atomizer coils or buy new atomizer coils if you’re experiencing an ongoing burnt taste. Don’t overfill your tank with e-liquid, be mindful of how much you’re using. Also, pay attention to how long you’re taking a drag. In the event that you damage the atomizer tank and there’s a crack in it, you may just need to replace the tank. Keep in mind that you could be doing everything right, but if you’re vaping too high on the voltage, this causes the burnt taste again. As long as you keep your vape pen clean inside and out, it'll continue to provide you with hours upon hours of enjoyment.



    Smoking Vapor has the perfect product for an affordable and reasonable price, while still maintaining the outstanding quality every costumer is looking for. The E-LIQUID MULTI-PACK is a package with five different bottle options. Each bottle has 10 mL of e-liquid.

    The E-LIQUID MULTI-PACK comes with five bottles, each 10 ML. These E-liquids will work with any tank, from the sub-ohm to drippers and even RBAs. They have the ultimate versatility and compatibility when it comes to types of tanks and clearomizers.

    Not only are the versatile when it comes to tank compatibility, but they also offer a vast variety of flavors as well, with the options of high (2.4%), low(1.2%), or zero(0.0%). This allows vapers to pick between their nicotine level, which means whatever the mood, setting, or how you feel, there's a flavor and level for you. SV allows the flavor choice between green apple, blueberry, cherry, chocolate, classic tobacco, grape, coffee, cool methol, and premium methol. With such a range of sweet and sour flavors, SV is sure to please anyone that tries this pack. Vapers rave about the authenticity of the flavors and how easy to use the product is. If one finds a flavor they love, they can order a whole pack of just that too.

    Other company's flavors seem watered down, dull, or are just lacking that originality. SV has captured all the best parts of vaping and made it so convenient to use and enjoy. Finally you can enjoy the feeling that comes from using e-liquids in your choice of tank while also being able to love the flavor as well, all while not having to worry about breaking the bank or all the health risks of real cigarettes.

  • Top 3 Summertime E-Liquids From Smoking Vapor

    Top 3 Summertime E-Liquids From Smoking Vapor

    Summer is coming up and it's probably going to be a scorcher; your preferred tastes should change with the weather as there are specific e-liquids that'll taste better in the warmer weather. Similar to how you enjoy taking tropical beverages in the summer, the same applies to different e-juices. You'll want to have additional means to keep it cool. Luckily, getting an appropriate vape flavor from Smoking Vapor will essentially enhance your sense of cool, helping you lower your temperature from the inside.

    Summertime E-Liquid #3: Pina Colada Flavored E Liquid

    This e-juice with a creamy coconut base coupled with a sugary pineapple finish will instantly transport you to the beach with your first puff. This is one of our premium e-liquids. The smooth refreshing liquid is deliciously satisfying and produces a big enough vapor to keep off the summer heat. Besides, the 10ml vape comes in dropper bottle with a childproof cap and to make it even better, it's a zero-calorie indulgence.

    Summertime E-Liquid #2: Peach Flavored E Liquid

    This sweet ripened peach flavored e-juice is bound to delight you with its sugary undertones of fresh cream, coupled with a subtle hint of iced-tea and vanilla. The 10ml bottle of peach flavored e-liquid can be used with any tank vaping systems, while being gluten and diacetyl free. This pure organic extract infused peach e-liquid will significantly delight your taste buds while lifting your aromatic sense during the hot summer season. The inhale is as absolutely creamy and sweet, giving it an ideal peach flavor with the slightest tartness that's identical to that of a fresh peach. However, the exhale possesses the sweet peach and mellow that makes it ideal for the summer season.

    Summertime E-Liquid #1: Hard Lemonade by Uncle Junks

    This isn't the kind of e-juice that you'll find at your corner lemonade stand. Yet, this refreshing liquid has the ability to quench your summertime thirst every year. Hard Lemonade boasts of a powerful vapor kick that's very similar to that of its alcoholic counterpart. This 15ml e-juice is manufactured using the finest ingredients. Its sour and citrus flavors coupled with an alcohol bite will essentially ensure that you enjoy summer the entire year; it's an appropriate e-liquid for both weekend and weekdays, especially during the summer season.

    It's about time you brushed up your e-juice collection, allowing you to enjoy the flavors that essentially enhance the carefree feeling of summer. You'll want to keep cool in the impending soaring temperatures; nothing will refresh, cool and satisfy you than the right e-liquid. You can therefore sit and relax in the shade of a palm tree, tropical cocktail in one hand, vape in the other and unwind, luxuriate and rejuvenate in the taste!

  • The True Feeling of Vapor


    The true feeling of vapor is like inhaling flavored air. I heard that it was going to be a similar experience to smoking when I first started years ago, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was better. Vapor has provided a much better taste and a cleaner feeling inside my lungs as well. It is clear that the vapor is far less harmful to my health than tobacco and any media source that tells you differently is being dishonest. Vaping feels much smoother than cigarettes as its going down. It does allow you some of the same sensation, but it lacks the harshness of tobacco.

    However, if you've never vaped before the feel of the vape in your mouth is much thinner than tobacco smoke and of course it lacks the taste of tobacco which's a good thing. Long time smokers tend to not notice the way tobacco makes them smell because they have become desensitized to it. But once you start substituting vaping for smoking, the smell of tobacco smoke will become apparent and it will be something that you want to avoid. The darker juices tend to create a heavier cloud and the lighter juices feel gentler as they go down.

    When you inhale vapor, it will have a wet texture to it. At first, it may take some getting used to because of that texture of wetness that cigarette smoke lacks. It is a natural reaction to gag or cough because of this. Soon your body will adjust to the new sensations of the vapor and you will feel better because rather than inhaling many harmful chemicals, you are breathing in soothing vapor that satisfies your nicotine cravings and the feeling in your lungs is lighter and healthier.

    The experience can be enhanced or changed in a couple of ways. First of all, there are a wide variety of e-liquids available on the market today. In fact, you will be able to try new flavors and styles continually and never run out of options. Your own personal taste will determine which are best for you. Not only do they vary in taste but they also vary in the amount of nicotine in them. So it's possible to wean your nicotine consumption down to absolutely nothing in a pretty short amount of time.

    The second game changer in the vaping experience is the device you use to vape with. One of the early types was the mini e-cig, this is a discrete option. It's about the size of a pen but the battery doesn’t last all that long and it doesn’t have a powerful flow into your lungs. The second option is the mid-sized. This is probably the most popular and the one that I prefer. The most popular brands are eGo & EVOD. I like this because the size is about that of a cigar and it provides a consistent flow all the time. It is a good feeling to know what type of taste and experience you are going to have. Finding the perfect device that feels right in your hand will allow the right amount of cloud in your lungs. The true feeling of vapor will allow you to feel great.

  • E-Liquids and Cartridges: The Best Options For New Vapers


    For those who wish to quit smoking and make the transition to vaping, there are some options to consider when purchasing their first electronic cigarette or vape pen. There are two methods for nicotine administration in either device; the cartridge and e-liquid. There are marked differences between the two that would fit different personalities and budgets. Though both options are far cheaper than cigarettes, you still want to purchase the right one for your vaping needs. With that said, here's a quick breakdown of each to help any new vapers out there understand what their needs might be.

    Cartridges for two piece vaping kits contain both the liquid and the atomizer. The cartridge and atomizer are single use, so they're disposed of after the liquid has run out. They're extremely simple to change out, which make them a great beginner model. There are usually more drags available in the cartridge and there's no chance of spilling the liquid. One can also purchase different concentrations of nicotine and different flavor cartridges here at Smoking Vapor. The average cartridge lasts about as long as a pack of cigarettes. (Companies usually make more available cartridge and battery options, but they do not span to different brands. Any brand of e-liquid is transferable to any pen, so mixing and matching is much more of a possibility.)

    E-liquid is a bit more versatile in terms of customization. A creative vaper can blend liquids to make new concentrations of nicotine and new flavors of liquid. The biggest perk of e-liquid is the expense. Liquids last a lot longer than disposable cartridge and the atomizer is re-usable so a vaper ends up saving significant amounts of money. The liquid method does require more work to refill, as it manually has to be dropped into the chamber through the cotton. Some people actually prefer the manual method, as it familiarizes them with their device in case they want to repair or modify it.

    Cartridges are recommended for most beginners simply because of the ease of transition. Because there's less work involved in reloading the device, beginners can get used to vaping and develop their personal taste and style. Then, if they're interested in saving more money in the long-run as well as having advanced customization options, they can move on to e-liquids. The ambitious spirit can transition straight to e-liquids, but everyone should try both methods just to make sure they're once again not wasting money and getting the most satisfying vape experience possible.

  • The E-Liquid Name Could Make A Difference


    Would a rose smell as sweet by any other name? The answer: Yes, it would, but would you still want to smell it? A rose catches your eye, you slow down, walk over, bring the stem to your nose, touch it and smell it. It becomes an experience. A well constructed business plan means turning a commodity into a rose. Make it an experience for the consumer. A customer is told about an e-liquid, he chooses the one with the most interesting name, he holds the bottle in his hand and is pleased with the packaging, he then smells the liquid and the aroma is too sweet to give back. Sold! It started with a name.

    In the world of vaping, we're constantly bombarded with the new "it" vape juice. Vape shops are cropping up all over the place, and each one has the best e-liquid. How does a consumer choose the best liquid? Essentially, if each liquid is created equal (ie: not accounting for specialty liquid) then the consumer is left with only a name and the packaging.

    Scholars teach us to never judge a book by its cover, but we're a microwave society who doesn't always want to give up our precious time to do the leg work required to judge by anything more than the cover. Many vape shops offer taste testing, they have lists with flavor combinations, or the juice is named according to what's in it. People are busy and often won't take the time to consider the options carefully. We pick what sounds phonetically pleasing to our ears.

    For veteran vapers, it is a game of sorts to find new e-liquid flavors. Some veteran vapers also make their own e-liquid. The simple flavors get boring and unidentifiable to a veteran vaper. Things like grape, orange, and fruit no longer have appeal to vets. Not only do sexy, carefully considered names attract the veteran vapers who've sampled more flavors, it takes a single interesting name to attract a smoker and persuade them to give vaping a shot.

    Not only do sexy names sound appealing to the ear, they sound sexy on social media as well. In the land where facebook, twitter, and instagram reach more people than radio ads a clever hashtag can literally travel all over the world. It doesn't particularly matter if the juice even tastes great. If it makes a nice sounding hashtag, then it will trend and influence others to try it.

    Vendors have the capacity to appeal to a variety of vaping clientele by creating unique packaging and flavors of e-liquid. Names and packaging currently available in vaping stores appeal more male audiences. Names like Wet Dream, American Pie, and Head Trip can be, not only unappealing for female shoppers, but a turn off as well. Catering to a different audience with names that evoke a memory or sound appealing yet safe would put a brand in a category all on its own.

    Vaping is a competitive market. Much of the clientele are users whose goal is to stop smoking and using a vaporizer. However, vapers tend to be a brand loyal clientele. This double edged sword can work in favor or against manufacturers. A brand must grab the attention of new users and be interesting enough to persuade brand loyal vapers to use their product. What's in a name? An entire experience.

  • Controlling Your Nicotine Level

    Vaping Levels

    Controlling your nicotine level is easier to do than ever before. Unlike traditional cigarettes, being in control of your nicotine level when vaping allows you to properly maintain a balance that's more sustainable for yourself and your lifestyle.  If you want to control this it can be done in a few simple steps.

    When you start vaping, make sure you know how large your tank is. Generally, the tanks come in different sizes, ranging from half a milliliter to three milliliters. You can utilize this tank to your advantage. If you've the knowledge about the size of tank you use, or purchase a tank that has clear measurements on the side, just fill it up to where you want it and have it last you an entire day (this can vary).

    Another great way to control your nicotine levels while vaping is to find the milligrams of nicotine per milliliter that's closest to what you smoked in traditional cigarettes. You can do this by finding out how many milligrams were in each cigarette you smoked and multiply that figure by the number of cigarettes you smoked daily. Once you've the final figure of how much nicotine you smoked through traditional cigarettes a day, purchase the e-liquid with the closest amount of nicotine equivalent.

    The nicotine in the e-liquid ranges from 0 milligrams to 30 milligrams per milliliter. Finding the equivalent nicotine in the e-juice will eliminate cravings because your levels will be maintained in your body. Once you're comfortable with vaping on a daily basis and have cut cigarettes out of your life completely, you can then decrease the milligrams of nicotine at your pace.

    You won't have to worry about feelings of failure because vaping isn't a program that expects their vapers to accomplish being nicotine-free in a certain time-frame. Controlling your nicotine levels by vaping is also a more cost effective strategy in the long-run than using other smoking cessation tools that're out there on the market today.

    You can also control your nicotine levels by vaping during designated times, like you did with a traditional cigarette. For example. if you usually smoke while at work, you should vape during the times permitted. Also, if you smoked at home, you should only vape the same amount or less than you did before. This is another way to make sure you don't start taking in more nicotine than you did previously. It'll also help you adjust when you decrease your nicotine e-liquid levels.

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