E-Liquids and Cartridges: The Best Options For New Vapers


For those who wish to quit smoking and make the transition to vaping, there are some options to consider when purchasing their first electronic cigarette or vape pen. There are two methods for nicotine administration in either device; the cartridge and e-liquid. There are marked differences between the two that would fit different personalities and budgets. Though both options are far cheaper than cigarettes, you still want to purchase the right one for your vaping needs. With that said, here's a quick breakdown of each to help any new vapers out there understand what their needs might be.

Cartridges for two piece vaping kits contain both the liquid and the atomizer. The cartridge and atomizer are single use, so they're disposed of after the liquid has run out. They're extremely simple to change out, which make them a great beginner model. There are usually more drags available in the cartridge and there's no chance of spilling the liquid. One can also purchase different concentrations of nicotine and different flavor cartridges here at Smoking Vapor. The average cartridge lasts about as long as a pack of cigarettes. (Companies usually make more available cartridge and battery options, but they do not span to different brands. Any brand of e-liquid is transferable to any pen, so mixing and matching is much more of a possibility.)

E-liquid is a bit more versatile in terms of customization. A creative vaper can blend liquids to make new concentrations of nicotine and new flavors of liquid. The biggest perk of e-liquid is the expense. Liquids last a lot longer than disposable cartridge and the atomizer is re-usable so a vaper ends up saving significant amounts of money. The liquid method does require more work to refill, as it manually has to be dropped into the chamber through the cotton. Some people actually prefer the manual method, as it familiarizes them with their device in case they want to repair or modify it.

Cartridges are recommended for most beginners simply because of the ease of transition. Because there's less work involved in reloading the device, beginners can get used to vaping and develop their personal taste and style. Then, if they're interested in saving more money in the long-run as well as having advanced customization options, they can move on to e-liquids. The ambitious spirit can transition straight to e-liquids, but everyone should try both methods just to make sure they're once again not wasting money and getting the most satisfying vape experience possible.

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