How Can You Tell if Your E-Liquid is Too Thick?

eliquid too thick

If you recently quit the bad habit of tobacco cigarette smoking and moved to vaping, thumbs up! You just made a big step in your life. Since you're new to the world of vaping, I'mm sure you must be overwhelmed by all the new things you've to learn, one of them being e-liquid properties. To optimize your vaping experience you need to learn how to maintain an e-liquid that's neither too thick nor too thick. So, how do you tell if your e-liquid is too thick?

Ways to Tell if the E-liquid is Too Thick
You can tell that your e-liquid is too thick by checking the VG/PG ratio. If your e-liquid has a very high Vegetable Glycerine ratio compared to the Propylene Glycol ratio, then the e-liquid is probably too thick. Vegetable glycerine is heavy and thick. Using this base tends to add that extra viscosity in e-liquids that leads to thick vapors. However, if too much of it's used, the e-liquid gets too thick.

Importance of Identifying if an E-Liquid is Thick before Vaping
Identifying whether your e-liquid is too thick before you begin vaping is very important. If your e-liquid is too thick, you will experience burnt flavors which is just terrible. This happens as a result of your wick getting clogged by the very thick e-liquid, therefore reducing its ability to saturate and coat the coil. Another reason why you need to identify if the e-liquid is too thick before filling into your tank is because thick e-liquids are not easy to pours into tanks. Especially, those with a filler inside. Additionally, the use of thick e-liquid will cause the constant need for you to replace your cartridge heads due to clogging up.

If you notice that your e-liquid is too thick, then you should try thinning it a little bit. But not too much such that it gets too thin. To do so, you can carefully add a few drops of distilled or ionized water. Also, adding a few drops of vodka will help a great deal. However, you can avoid this problem all together, you can purchase e-liquids that have lower Vegetable Glycerine ratios compared to the Propylene Glycol ratio. Additionally, you can invest in a new model tank that allows for you to vape higher VG ratios without issues.

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