Long-Term Refrigeration Can Be Bad For E-Liquids

Long-Term Refrigeration Can Be Bad For E-Liquids

The art of vaping is becoming a widely practiced trend all around the world, by thousands. You can buy many e-liquids that come in a wide variety of flavors. Every e-liquid has a shelf life, and you need to know how to properly store the liquid. If you find a favorite e-liquid and want to buy it in bulk, storing them in the refrigerator long-term isn't the best idea.

E-liquids can typically last for two years, but if you don't store them right, you may find they lose their flavor or throat hit. They are very sensitive to heat and if you leave them at room temperature too long, may leave your e-cigarette tasting light and stale.

If you want to store your e-liquids properly, taking it out if it's original packaging is the first thing you need to do. When you get a new e-liquid, most of them are packaged in a plastic bottle. The plastic in those bottles can lead to an aftertaste when stored in plastic too long. The best bottle option a is dark glass. Make sure it has a screw-on lid to keep the air out.

Why's Storing Your E-Liquids In The Refridgerator a Bad Idea?

It's important to store your bottles in a place that is cool - but not cold - and dark. Some people say that storing your e-liquids in the refrigerator - or even the freezer - is the best storage option. Please, don't take this "advice". Yes, the refrigerator is cool, but the extreme temperature of a refrigerator - especially a freezer - can affect the chemical makeup of an e-liquid and it can become useless.

Some people have great success storing their e-liquids in their basements - which are cool, but not cold. If you don't have that option available, cabinets, cupboards, and closets are great options.

What If The Refrigerator Is The Only Place You Can Store Your E-Liquids?

If you don't have any other option and have to refrigerate your e-liquids, - which should be your absolute last option- in order to minimize the effects of the cooling process, be sure to let your e-juice air out prior to use. Be aware, you should only use your e-liquids at room temperature to experience the best results. If it is frozen or chilled, the liquid gets oily and thick, which can affect the quality of the product use. Don't leave it in the refrigerator too long, the longer it's in there, the more it will effect the e-liquids chemical makeup.


As stated above, direct heat is the worst thing for an e-liquid. You should take special measures to ensure your e-liquid is never exposed to direct sunlight for any period of time. It is also important to avoid placing your e-liquids in windows or other places where the light and sun hit. The best way to ensure your e-liquids aren't exposed to light is to store them in dark tinted glass bottles. These are sold online and are a great investment to take care of your e-liquids.

E-liquids can sometimes be expensive, and you don't want to waste them. Getting the most out of your e-liquid is important, so store them properly and avoid refrigeration as much as you can.

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