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  • Top 3 Fall E-Cig Cartridge Flavors From Smoking Vapor

    Top 3 Fall ECig Cartridge Flavors From Smoking Vapor

    The weather is changing. With the warm summer sun turning into a cool autumn air, it can only mean one thing: fall is here. And with fall comes a change in moods and attitudes. No matter what you do for fall, you're going to want your favorite e-cig companion and a lot of options to enjoy your tobacco love affair at any moment. Therefore, here are 3 flavors you just have to try this season:

    SV Fall Cartridge #3: SV COOL MENTHOL
    This super smooth rendition is the ice-cold king of vapor smokes. It's like a blast of cool-flavored gum, or a puff of your favorite menthol cigarette. The bold flavor is invigorating and refreshing all at the same time. Embrace your passion with this fierce version of your favorite e-cig flavor for fall.

    SV Fall Cartridge #2: SV CHOCOLATE VAPOR
    When fall hits, chocolate is in. And if you love chocolate, you'll be in heaven with his flavor profile. It mixes a hint of chocolate pudding with luxurious chocolate cake. It's a rich, decadent feeling that goes amazingly with coffee, tea, espresso, wine, or coffee-flavored liquors. And it's 0 calories. Try finding that kind of deal at your local restaurant. (Hint: you won’t). Don't get fooled by knockoff imitations, as they don't use the quality flavor signals that Chocolate vapor does. So indulge in this Chocolate Vapor whenever the mood hits.

    SV Fall Cartridge #1: SV CLASSIC TOBACCO
    There's no better way to celebrate the season than with this rich, mild American tobacco blend. Features of the Classic flavor include a bit of pipe tobacco accents with a slightly bitter finish. It's just like opening a pack of paper cigarettes. And because it is silky vapor, you don't have to suffer any of the drawbacks of regular smokes. Instead, you can enjoy a better alternative whenever and wherever you want. You've also got your choice of nicotine levels: Zero, Low, Medium, and High. And each box of the Classic tobacco flavor comes with 5 cartridges, flavor-sealed, for your SV e-cig.

    This fall season, you’re in control. And no matter which one of these flavors suits your fancy: Classic, Chocolate Vapor, or COOL MENTHOL, you'll be able to indulge as much as you want, with whom you want, where you want, when you want. That's the enjoyment of SV cartridges.

  • Disposable Electronic Cigarettes From Smoking Vapor


    With the rules around traditional smoking growing stricter by the day, many smokers are searching for a more convenient, less regulated alternative that they can take out in public without the risk of being smothered by rules. In the process, they generally come across e-cigarettes, a cheaper, smoke-free alternative to traditional cigarettes. This is causing the e-cigarette market to boom, but with the huge selection of brands, flavors, nicotine levels, and prices, it’s often hard for people new to vaping to know where to start.

    Smoking Vapor provides a perfect stepping stone for those looking to fully or partially replace their traditional cigarettes with vaping.

    Smoking Vapor’s disposable electronic cigarettes are perfect for newbie vapers. These disposable e-cigs are low cost and come in a wide variety of flavors.  In fact, select a few flavors to try, and enjoy the variety while you search for the one you could vape all day. If none of them suit your tastes, there’s no disappointment from sinking a lot of money into it- but there shouldn’t be any issues with finding a perfect flavor! The disposable e-cigarettes also come in varying nicotine levels to match your wants and needs. Even someone just wanting to fit in better with their group of friends can enjoy a nicotine free disposable e-cigarette in the same flavors as a nicotine filled e-cig. Smoking Vapor provides a high quality, low cost disposable e-cigarette that perfect for newbies looking to get their feet wet and explore the world of e-cigs and vaping.

    Normally, low cost disposable e-cigarettes taste as cheap as they are, but the ones created by Smoking Vapor are high-quality and high value. You’ll get the most for your money with Smoking Vapor’s disposable e-cigarettes - a great taste and a low cost! Newbie vapers have nothing to lose when it comes to trying out Smoking Vapor’s high quality, easy to use, disposable e-cigarettes.

  • SV Monthly Spotlight: VOGUE SUB KIT

    SV Monthly Spotlight VOGUE SUB KIT

    Amigo means friend in Spanish, and the vape kit I'm about to expound upon is definitely a friend to both starters and pros alike. Before I further elucidate upon the VOGUE SUB KIT and its many features and benefits, let me put any questions to rest as to the sub-starter kit category it has been placed in.

    This kit is mainly touted for beginners because it is uncomplicated, compact and easy-to-use. Does that make it suitable only for beginning vapers? I think not. After all, aren't all of these qualities desirable for expert vapers too? I think so.

    The Amigo Vogue Sub Kit comes with the standard supplies included in most vape kits such as battery pack, a spare coil, a filter tank, USB cable, warranty card and a not-so common mini wrench - useful for handymen who like to fix their vapes themselves should they fall apart.

    The Vogue Sub Kit battery has a 50 milliamp capacity (FP 50), 510 thread and includes a floating pen for added vaping accessories. The 5 click on, 5 click off button produces flashing lights making sure that the user knows when the pen is activated and deactivated respectively. Under the on and off button is a charge light that indicates how much the pen has charged up at any given point. What is more, the battery does not take that long to charge. An awesome feature for those who are always on the go.

    The tank breaks down very easily, the drip tip is lined with delrin and has a dual o-ring. The majority of the tank is made from stainless steel and glass making it both durable and sleek; sleek enough to allow for smooth airflow. The base of the tank is adjustable which gives the user the ability to adjust the airflow as they wish.

    Now the coil is pretty standard but it does have tiny wicking holes. This does not cause any airflow obstruction, however, since the main air hole at the base of it is pretty wide. The coil is easily replaced and does not require an RBA kit - just screw it on and start vaping!

    The entire tank capacity is around 3ml. This is probably the only downside, but despite having to fill the tank quite frequently the performance of the Vogue Vape Pen is rather remarkable considering its ease-of-use and compact nature.

    All-in-all the Amigo Vogue Sub Kit offers adjustability, portability, and durability in an easy-to-hold and easy-to-manage frame. All of these features make it ideal for those experienced vapers who like their pens to be powerful and discreet all at the same time



    If you've been searching for a high-quality vaping tank that fits your budget, then the PHANTOM-X PREMIUM VAPOR TANK - DUAL COIL 1.6 OHM from Smoking Vapor is exactly what you've been looking for. It offers the best possible performance by containing a special dual coil design and uses USA Kanthol wire at 1.6 Ohms. Its maximum absorbency wicking material ensures you'll enjoy your vaping experience like no other. You'll also be surprised that how comparable to the more expensive tanks  it is and how it even outperforms many of them at a lower cost, but with the same high quality. The Phantom-X is definitely one you need to try, so you can stop wasting money on more expensive tanks.

    Still, you've to try it to believe it. The superior quality from Smoking Vapor shines through with the Phantom-X and you will not be disappointed with its performance. Smoking Vapor has designed this tank to offer you the best vapor and flavor production that is available in three very sleek colors of silver, gold, and gun metal gray. Use below 15W for best results.

    If you love to vape and plan to continue for a long time, then you've nothing to lose by purchasing the Phantom-X Premium Vapor Tank and everything to gain. Affordability and top quality are two things that you don't see very often, but with this tank you've both. You can feel confident knowing you have received a great product when you order from Smoking Vapor and that they have the consumer in mind when designing their products. For the best vaping experience like you have never had before, try this tank and prepare to be amazed.



    Smoking Vapor has the perfect product for an affordable and reasonable price, while still maintaining the outstanding quality every costumer is looking for. The E-LIQUID MULTI-PACK is a package with five different bottle options. Each bottle has 10 mL of e-liquid.

    The E-LIQUID MULTI-PACK comes with five bottles, each 10 ML. These E-liquids will work with any tank, from the sub-ohm to drippers and even RBAs. They have the ultimate versatility and compatibility when it comes to types of tanks and clearomizers.

    Not only are the versatile when it comes to tank compatibility, but they also offer a vast variety of flavors as well, with the options of high (2.4%), low(1.2%), or zero(0.0%). This allows vapers to pick between their nicotine level, which means whatever the mood, setting, or how you feel, there's a flavor and level for you. SV allows the flavor choice between green apple, blueberry, cherry, chocolate, classic tobacco, grape, coffee, cool methol, and premium methol. With such a range of sweet and sour flavors, SV is sure to please anyone that tries this pack. Vapers rave about the authenticity of the flavors and how easy to use the product is. If one finds a flavor they love, they can order a whole pack of just that too.

    Other company's flavors seem watered down, dull, or are just lacking that originality. SV has captured all the best parts of vaping and made it so convenient to use and enjoy. Finally you can enjoy the feeling that comes from using e-liquids in your choice of tank while also being able to love the flavor as well, all while not having to worry about breaking the bank or all the health risks of real cigarettes.

  • Top 3 Smoking Vapor Father's Day Starter Kits


    Father's Day comes but once a year, and for Dads across America, it's a day to enjoy some well earned pampering. As for gifts, it's the thought that counts, but most dads would rather receive a gift they don't already have. Fortunately, for the man of the house who is determined to quit smoking cigarettes, yet not give up the nicotine he craves, the perfect gift this year is especially personal and will keep him happy and healthy as well. For dads new to vaping, there are starter kits that ease the transition from cigarettes, and the Top 3 Smoking Vapor Father's Day Starter Kits are affordable and always of high quality. This Father's Day, some lucky dads might receive all three kits at once.

    Pure quality is what men will notice when opening up The SV Father's Day Kit #3: PHANTOM X STARTER KIT-BLACK & GOLD. Boasting a classy design and an increase of 3x the vapor, he may choose between the black with gold device with textured battery or the silver with white pearly battery. Everything about the Phantom X shouts superior quality, including the tank with Kanthol wire coil made in the USA. Also, the drip tip is changeable. The Phantom X charges the 650 mAh Phantom Battery from the side with the included USB cord. Additionally, the instruction manual is included. Nothing could be more convenient than turning the unit on with five clicks and another five clicks will turn it off. This Father's Day, the price for the Phantom X starter kit is more affordable than ever.

    Next is the SV Father's Day Kit #2: SV PREMIUM E CIG STARTER KIT. The ebony box holds 2 extra large XL 280 mAh Batteries. This is going give the smoker a lot longer enjoyment than before. Also included is a variety of 18 flavors with five cartridges. Dads can't go wrong with this kit, because not only does it contain a USB cord for charging and a traveling case in black with a zipper and pockets, an instruction manual with invaluable information and tips is included. The warranty offers dad a 30 day money back guarantee. For that special dad, The Premium E Cig Starter Kit is discounted for Father's Day.

    The final favorite in the Top 3 Smoking Vapor Father's Day Starter Kits is the: MINI VOGUE KIT with a built-in battery for added convenience. Ideal as a traveling companion, and slim enough to fit into the hand or pocket. Each device contains a dual airflow mini tank that does the job of a much larger tank. Whether the smoker prefers an easy flow of vapors, or a burst of smoke and full flavor, the MINI VOGUE KIT delivers it all. The O-rings are resistant to overheating, which results in less leakage. The kit's battery may be charged with the included battery charger, and the PT allows the unit to charge at the same time as the person vaping. The instruction manual with its easy to read tips is included, and, another added bonus is the extra coil. Colors to choose from are turquoise, white, black, and red, which bring to mind those of an ancient stone, a snowy winter morning, a shiny black leather computer chair, and a red sunset, in that order.

    The three starter kits listed above are unchallenged in affordability, ease of use, flavor choices, and quality for this Father's Day. Father's new to vaping may want to try all three before choosing a favorite.

  • Top 3 Summertime E-Liquids From Smoking Vapor

    Top 3 Summertime E-Liquids From Smoking Vapor

    Summer is coming up and it's probably going to be a scorcher; your preferred tastes should change with the weather as there are specific e-liquids that'll taste better in the warmer weather. Similar to how you enjoy taking tropical beverages in the summer, the same applies to different e-juices. You'll want to have additional means to keep it cool. Luckily, getting an appropriate vape flavor from Smoking Vapor will essentially enhance your sense of cool, helping you lower your temperature from the inside.

    Summertime E-Liquid #3: Pina Colada Flavored E Liquid

    This e-juice with a creamy coconut base coupled with a sugary pineapple finish will instantly transport you to the beach with your first puff. This is one of our premium e-liquids. The smooth refreshing liquid is deliciously satisfying and produces a big enough vapor to keep off the summer heat. Besides, the 10ml vape comes in dropper bottle with a childproof cap and to make it even better, it's a zero-calorie indulgence.

    Summertime E-Liquid #2: Peach Flavored E Liquid

    This sweet ripened peach flavored e-juice is bound to delight you with its sugary undertones of fresh cream, coupled with a subtle hint of iced-tea and vanilla. The 10ml bottle of peach flavored e-liquid can be used with any tank vaping systems, while being gluten and diacetyl free. This pure organic extract infused peach e-liquid will significantly delight your taste buds while lifting your aromatic sense during the hot summer season. The inhale is as absolutely creamy and sweet, giving it an ideal peach flavor with the slightest tartness that's identical to that of a fresh peach. However, the exhale possesses the sweet peach and mellow that makes it ideal for the summer season.

    Summertime E-Liquid #1: Hard Lemonade by Uncle Junks

    This isn't the kind of e-juice that you'll find at your corner lemonade stand. Yet, this refreshing liquid has the ability to quench your summertime thirst every year. Hard Lemonade boasts of a powerful vapor kick that's very similar to that of its alcoholic counterpart. This 15ml e-juice is manufactured using the finest ingredients. Its sour and citrus flavors coupled with an alcohol bite will essentially ensure that you enjoy summer the entire year; it's an appropriate e-liquid for both weekend and weekdays, especially during the summer season.

    It's about time you brushed up your e-juice collection, allowing you to enjoy the flavors that essentially enhance the carefree feeling of summer. You'll want to keep cool in the impending soaring temperatures; nothing will refresh, cool and satisfy you than the right e-liquid. You can therefore sit and relax in the shade of a palm tree, tropical cocktail in one hand, vape in the other and unwind, luxuriate and rejuvenate in the taste!

  • New to Vaping: Do You Choose a Disposable or Starter Kit?

    Disposable or Starter Kit

    Congratulations to you if you recently gave up on traditional tobacco smoking and moved to vaping. Since you recently started, you most certainly do need to learn a few tips. This'll go a long way in preventing you from backsliding to traditional smoking due to frustrations. For beginners in the world of vaping, it's important that they're aware of the differences between starter kits and disposable e-cigarettes.

    When comparing the affordability of this vaping devices, disposable e-cigarettes are the best choice for newbies. Disposable e-cigarettes are very cheap. As a beginner in vaping, you may not want to risk so much of your money in something that you are not sure whether you'll enjoy. Disposables provide a cheap means of experimentation. Later, if you like the experiment, you could invest in a starter kit. However, it'd be wise to purchase a starter kit once you're well settled into vaping. Though the initial cost of purchase is high, you don't have to re-buy once your flavor is exhausted. Therefore, starter kits are cost-effective in the long run.

    Ease of Use
    In comparison to starter kits, disposable e-cigs are very easy to use. Unlike starter kits, you don't have to refill them. This can be quite tricky, with some starter kits. Additionally, no recharge is required. As soon as you exhaust them you dispose them off. Also, they require no maintenance and they're available at Smoking Vapor.

    The starter kit is the greater choice to make where flavor experimentation is concerned. With a starter kit, you can refill your device with different flavors until you reach the flavor that you think's perfect. On the other hand, if you are to experiment flavors with disposable e-cigs, you end-up wasting lots of money because you've to buy multiple devices. Also, with disposable e-cigs, it's not possible for you to try mixing your flavors.

    Additionally, when it comes to nicotine levels, starter kits are the best choice. Particularly, for those who were previously heavy smokers. Since the starter kits aren't pre-filled, it allows the vaper to adjust nicotine levels according to their needs.

    There's no wrong choice between starter kits and disposable e-cigarettes. Choosing between the two is a personal decision. By considering the above, you'll be able to make a short-term decision. This is at least until you gain more experience in the world of vaping.

  • Hit a "Home-Run" at Smoking Vapor

    Home Run

    With baseball season right around the corner, be prepared to hit a "home run" over at Smoking Vapor. We've been in the business since the industry started and are dedicated to offering top-notch products with excellent customer service. Whether you're a rookie or seasoned pro, we can help you get the most out of vaping with products and accessories for vapers of any level.

    Our team will not have you strike out on products, with a year long warranty and a 30-day refund policy if you're not entirely satisfied with your product. We work quick and will have your products shipped the same day in most cases, with free shipping on any purchases that exceed $49.

    A Steal On Starter Kits
    If you want to feel like an MVP, we carry starter kits that offer an exceptional vaping experience and are built with the latest technology. Each starter kit comes bases loaded with everything needed to get going and they're completely customization. The e-cigs are designed to be balanced and comfortable with a nice looking glossy shell and glowing LEDs. Starting at minor league prices of $24.95, it's easy to see the value as well as the excellent quality these devices are.

    The Starting Ace: E-Liquids and Refills
    There's no need to worry when it comes to e-liquids at Smoking Vapor. We have them with or without nicotine, offer everything you could need for refills, and pitch some of the best flavored e-liquids around. We carry many of the major league brands in the business when it comes to our e-liquids, and we also have our own personal line of flavors and carts. Whether you want a standard ratio blend or you're trying to make the largest clouds possible, every player in the game can find exactly what they are looking for.

    Hit A Grand Slam With Club Points
    Smoking Vapor created Club Points with their fans in mind, their valued customers, to offer a chance of saving money on all purchases. The more interaction you have with us on social media the more points you can earn. Being in the dugout coaching your friends into trying Smoking Vapor can also net you even more points for every purchase they make. Once you have accumulated some points, you can check their points slider when making purchases for discounts.

    With only a few days left before the season starts, make sure you've everything you need for vaping on Opening Day with Smoking Vapor. Again, regardless if you're new or experienced, we have something to offer with top-rated customer support, year long warranties, and free shipping that'll give you the best chance to hit a home run.

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