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  • Proper Tips for Vaping Outside During the Winter

    Proper Tips for Vaping Outside During the Winter

    If you're new to vaping, you probably aren't familiar with the struggle vapers face during the winter months. In addition to having to brave the cold every so often to enjoy your vape, the drop in temperature also complicates the mechanics of your device. Below are some helpful tips for vaping this winter.

    Winter Vaping Outdoors Tip #1: Keep Your E-Liquid at Room Temperature
    While stepping outside for a quick vape won't ruin your e-juice, prolonged exposure to the cold could cause the liquid to thicken. Avoid this by limiting the device's time in the cold or by keeping it warm in your hand. Otherwise you run the risk of not only thickening your liquid, but also damaging your coil.

    Winter Vaping Outdoors Tip #2: Protect Your Equipment from Moisture
    Remember that your vape is an electronic device and that, like all electronics, it doesn't mix well with moisture. By simply moving from the warm interior of your home to the freezing cold outside, condensation can form on the most sensitive parts of your vape. Take the necessary precautions by packing it in a protective carrying case to keep the moisture away.

    Winter Vaping Outdoors Tip #3: Limit Your Devices Exposure to Freezing Temperatures
    In addition to damaging your hardware, freezing temperatures can also do a number on your device's battery life. When batteries are exposed to the cold, it can cause lithium inside to create plating over the electrodes, thereby causing your device's battery to overheat or charge at a slower rate. If you absolutely must vape outside in the cold this winter, allow your device to acclimate to the warmth of your home before charging it.

    Final Winter Vaping Outdoors Tip: Avoid the Metal Drip Tip
    If you're a fan of metal tips, you may want to consider a nice plastic tip this winter. It could spare you from a rather painful realization. When freezing metal comes in contact with something warm and wet, it will very likely stick to it. The same principle applies when your mouth touches a metal tip of a vape. If you're not into plastic drip tips, you can always spring for one of the wooden or glass variety.

    Of course, you could always choose to vape inside your home to avoid exposing your device (and yourself) to the bitter cold.

  • What Makes A Cheap Vaping Coil Well...Cheap?

    What Makes A Cheap Vaping Coil Well...Cheap

    Vaping, atomizing, and electronic cigarettes are a relatively new yet revolutionary concept in self-medication practice. The benefits to vaping and using these products are expertly verified and quite varied as well. Within these various tools of the trade however lie crucial components, necessary to the act of mechanical vaping – our most beloved activity.

    Importance of the Coil

    Perhaps the most important of all of these components is the coil. This central part of the vaping mechanism is single-handedly responsible for the device's changeover of liquid to gas, and the subsequent presence of a usable vapor. This is true regardless of the coil class - MOD coils, portable vaporizer coils, or e-cig coils.

    Because of their crucial role to the entirety of the vaping experience, coils have thus become a matter of elevated interest. Particularly, there has been much more curiosity as to how these coils differ at different quality levels as well as how they function in the first place. To make it all easier to understand, let's break it down to the basics. The following may come as a bit of a science lesson to some, but we'll keep it brief, explaining the function of the coil as well as providing some basic insights into electricity itself.

    How It Works

    First, some basics about electricity will really help one to understand their coil and its quality. Electricity flows very well through particular metals. In other metals however, it struggles to flow as well and thus encounters what is referred to as “resistance”. Resistance can be terrible in some applications. Here though, the concept of resistance is actually necessary.

    This is where the coil comes in. The coil acts as this aforementioned, metallic path of travel for the electricity generated by the device's battery. The electricity naturally wants to flow across the body of this part whenever the battery sends power to it. However, due to its finely crafted, intentionally resistant composition, the electricity must struggle to run through it.

    The result here is a controlled and focused heat point – a super-heated and very focused point on the coil in which this reaction takes place. Subsequently, the vaporizer's liquid solution is pulled across this finely focused heat source. This then creates the inhalable vapor ultimately sought.

    The Effect of Coil Quality

    As in all manufactured wares, costs are a big governor over quality in product when it comes to vaping coils. Regardless of the type of vaporizing mechanism, the core innerworkings of the coil are much the same. Variations in quality however change everything.

    How exactly does quality differ between coils? In most cases, cost-control dictates the type of metals and casting processes used in the creation of a coil. Overall quality in design is also touched by the consideration.

    In a low quality coil, the company has likely saved money on the mass production of its coil via the use of cheaper metals, manufacturing processes, and designs. The result is a coil that does not employ the optimal metal compositions or design for the optimal electrical resistance and resulting vaporization. Perhaps then the coil dies quicker because the metal couldn't withstand the constant and demanding electron travels across it. Maybe the coil only works intermittently, a sign of troubled travel of electricity through the cheaply-made design. Regardless of the symptom, coil quality greatly dictates effective and reliable vaporization in addition to actual occurrences of bad symptoms.

    These are the basics of the concept of the coil as well as the effects of quality on these crucial parts. Cheap coils will typically produce equivalent results while quality ones will do the same. To the benefit of the patron though, the wide variety in available choices here is always a plus.

  • Putting an E-Cigarette Back Together Again

    Electronic Cigarette Retailers Face Legislative Setback

    Are you new to the e-cigarette game? Did you take apart your e-cigarette to clean it, and now you can’t put it together again? Or maybe you accidentally dropped the device and now you’re desperately trying to re-attach it? If you need an easy-to-follow guide then look no further, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know to get you vaping ASAP.

    The first thing to know is that an e-cigarette consists of four parts. There’s the cartridge (sometimes called a tank), the atomizer, the battery, and the tip. There’s a coil inside the cartridge, along with liquid and a wick. The atomizer comes attached to the cartridge. To use the e-cigarette, you suck on the tip, which activates the atomizer through sensors in the battery system. The atomizer heats the liquid through the coil, creating vapor. It’s as simple as that.

    Now, if the e-cigarette breaks or splits apart, just remember, “TABAC,” which stands for: Tip and Battery, Atomizer, Cartridge. That’s the order the e-cigarette goes in. Make sure the atomizer is screw tightly onto the cartridge, as the last thing you want is leaking fluid.

    If the e-cigarette doesn’t work, here’s a few helpful hints for putting it back together. It’s not rocket science but there is an art to it, so pay attention and you’ll be vaping in no time.

    If the battery tip blinks when you’ve only vaped for a few seconds, it means the battery is almost dead. Re-charge the battery.

    Make sure there’s no debris lingering between the atomizer and the battery. Lingering debris can prevent the e-cigarette from producing vapor.

    The atomizer’s top ring can sometimes work itself off. Make sure it’s snapped on.

    If you’re installing a new coil, make sure the wick has enough liquid by priming it first. This reduces the possibility that your wick will burn or that the coil will get damaged. To prime, put four or five drops of the liquid into the coil’s head. Next, put the coil’s head into the tank’s base. Then, fill the tank. Wait five or ten minutes before using.

    If your e-cigarette uses a clearomizer instead of an atomizer, turn it counter-clockwise until you hear a click to attach it to the tank. Then, turn it clockwise until it’s completely hooked in.

    Last is perhaps the e-cigarette’s most important aspect: the lock-out feature. The last thing anyone wants is to unknowingly turn on the e-cigarette when it’s resting in your pocket. So, once everything’s screwed in, quickly click the device’s button five times. That locks it so the battery can’t activate. To turn the device on again, simply click the button five times again. Voila!

    Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, follow these steps, and you should have no problem putting your e-cigarette back together.

  • 3 Key Tips for Extending Your E-Cigarette's Lifespan

    3 Key Tips for Extending Your E-Cigarettes Lifespan

    E-cigarette parts are, ultimately, consumable and will require replacement at some point or another. Pre-filled cartridges and cartomizers are relatively cheap to replace, but a quality battery tends to cost more out of pocket. This makes it important to extend your battery’s lifespan as much as possible in order to get the most for your money.

    Here are just a few of the many things you can do to keep your e-cigarette battery working at its peak for as long as possible:

    Tip #1: Frequent Use
    Like phones, tablets, laptops, and most other rechargeable electronics, e-cigarettes are made for frequent, daily use. The same way frequent exercise keeps your muscles strong, regularly using your e-cigarette will help to keep it’s battery at peak performance. Lithium-ion batteries thrive on daily use, and using them regularly will help to keep their overall performance up and extend the life of the battery.

    Tip #2: Don’t Fully Drain Your Battery
    It used to be that the best thing to do for rechargeable batteries was to fully charge them, fully drain them, and repeat. These days, that’s the worst thing you can do. It’s easier to speed up a slowly moving train than it is to get a stopped train moving and e-cigarette batteries operate on a similar principle. A fully drained battery will be harder to charge than a partially drained one, forcing the battery to work harder just to get a charge. This'll ultimately lower the number of charge cycles the battery can complete and lead to a shorter lifespan and more frequent battery replacements.

    Tip #3: Always Disconnect Cartridges and Cartomizers
    Even when not in use, cartridges and cartomizers can slowly drain the power from a charged battery. This slow drain means there’s less power available when you want to use your e-cigarette, meaning you’ll have to recharge it sooner. Since most battery manufacturers only guarantee about 300 charge cycles, it’s important to put as much time between recharges as possible and get as much actual usage as possible from each full charge. Ensuring that your battery's disconnected is the easiest way to get the most use from each individual charge cycle and expand the amount of time you have before having to replace you e-cig battery.

    The battery is an important part of your e-cigarette, and extending the life of it as much as possible is key to keeping your replacement costs down, leaving more money in your pocket for that e-liquid or cartridge you’ve been wanting to try. Some of the easiest things you can do for your e-cigarette battery are to use it frequently, avoid fully draining it, and always disconnect it from it’s cartridges or cartomizers. Even if you can’t get more then 300 charge cycles from your battery, following these tips will help to ensure that you get the most out of every charge.

  • Increasing Your RDA Flavor and Throat Hit

    Increasing Your RDA Flavor and Throat Hit

    If you're looking for more flavor and a better throat hit from your RDA, there are a few things you can do. The size of your coil, type of material used for your wick, the distance your coil is from your airflow, the amount of airflow, and the VG/PG ratio of your e-liquid all affect the taste and feel of your hit.

    The most important factor in increasing flavor is the surface area of the coil. A larger surface area means you'll be burning more juice and flavoring. The type of wire used is also a factor. Using twisted or clapton coils allows juice to fill the nooks and bring out more flavor. How the coil is wicked is another factor. You can't have too tight of a coil or the juice won't be able to travel up to the coil fast enough and will result in more dry hits. If the coil is too loose, you'll end up with spots that are hotter on your coil and have dry hits as well. Airflow is another factor in flavor. Basically the less airflow there is, the more flavor you get. A fully open or very airy RDA will result in less flavor. An RDA with the airflow openings right next to the coils will help with giving more flavor due to the air being able to flow around the whole coil.

    The key element to getting a good throat hit is heat. Essentially, the hotter the coil, the better the throat hit. If you're using a mechanical mod the best way to get hotter coils is to build a lower ohm coil (be careful). Look for a battery from a brand you trust that has an amp limit of at least 30 With an electric mod you want to increase the wattage/voltage. For the wick, you want to use cotton or rayon as they burn hotter than silica. As for the coils, thinner wire and shorter coils will be hotter at the expense of cloud volume.

    One of the tricky aspects is coil placement. If you want a good throat hit you need to have the coil further away from the airflow intake, but that may come at the cost of flavor. You're going to have to do a little experimenting to find the right distance for the right balance of flavor to throat hit. The amount of PG in the e-juice will have an effect on throat feel as well. The higher the PG, the more feel it'll have.

    There is no one answer to the perfect build. The type of juice you use, the RDA you're using, and personal preference are going to determine how you build your coil. Through experimentation and adjustments, you'll be able to find the right balance for you.

  • Coil Connection Problems - They Happen But Can Be Fixed

    Coil Connection Problems - They Happen But Can Be Fixed

    A good coil is needed to ensure that the e-liquid in the vaping device  able to turn into the vapor that you can inhale. However, once and a while, problems do arise with the coil. But there are ways in which these coil connection problems can be fixed, no matter how quickly a fix is needed to ensure that you're able to get your coil back up and working again. A good lasting fix will take care of any coil problems that you have.

    With all that said, here are some possible solutions to a coil connection problem so that you're able to begin vaping again:

    The Coil is Bad
    If the coil itself is bad, then the coil won't be able to heat up the liquid at all. Some coils come from the manufacturer in a defective state to begin with. These manufacturing issues happen more often than most realize, as a bad batch of coils can easily slip through the quality control processes of the manufacturer. A bad coil can only be replaced by a new coil as they can't be repaired. Once it has been replaced, you'll be able to vape again with a new coil that's able to work better for your vaping needs.

    Dirty Connectors
    Another possibility is that there's a dirty connector at the end of the coil. Vape solution collects at the end of the coil, which means that gunk builds up from the solution. The fix to this is to take the cotton out in a gentle way, run the coil without any solution in it, rinse the coil off, gently dry the coil off, and replace the cotton with a new piece. A brand new piece of cotton will make the coil as good as new so that you can keep vaping without any holdups.

    Check the Bottom Pin
    In order for the coil to be able to connect to the battery, the bottom pin has to be in place firmly. Ideally, the bottom pin has to be centered over the battery to ensure that the battery is able to make the solid connection between the coil and the battery. Check to make sure that the coil's firmly seated at the bottom pin in order for a connection to be there. This is also something which should be checked for gunk and debris that needs to be cleaned off.

    Cases Where The Solution Has a Burnt Taste
    If the vapor solution has a burnt taste to it, then this means the coil is burning the cotton. The first thing to consider is to make sure that there's enough liquid going to the cotton for the coil to heat up. Once the amount of solution has been verified to be sufficient, the next thing to do is to consider replacing the coil. If all else fails, a liquid which is too thick may be unable to travel to the base of the coil.

    Coil connection problems can make the vaping experience awful and decrease the life of the device. That's why we stress that you need to keep your coils clean and that everything's assembled properly to have the best vaping experience possible. Mechanical falts are probably the issue when all cleaning attempts fail, but make sure your coils are seated properly in the first place.

  • Summertime Vape Cartridge Storage Tips

    Summertime Vape Cartridge Storage Tips

    Electronic cigarettes are rising in popularity at breakneck speed. Summertime is in full swing, and outdoor temperatures are steadily rising. The warmer weather also brings outdoor activities that may ultimately cause damage to electronic cigarette cartridges. With the uptick in new users, it is important that knowledge on these systems is common and readily available. By using some simple tips and tricks, the life of your system can be greatly prolonged and give you much more vaping pleasure through the summer months and beyond.

    One of the most important steps in caring for your electronic cigarette is making sure to use proper storage. There are a variety of options for safe storage of your device available through shops and online, the most common being a hard case. These cases have a hard exterior to keep the fragile components of the system safe, while a softer inner lining keeps everything cushioned and in place. Using such a case keeps out unwanted debris, shields the device from the sun, and keeps water from damaging the cartridge and also the battery.

    Summertime brings on an increase of outdoor activities, so naturally carrying an electronic device with you makes spending time outdoors more enjoyable. Lanyards are a great choice for keeping your system in arms reach while also keeping it clean and safe. One should avoid storing cartridges and devices in things such as pockets, loose in purses, and backpacks. Lint, dirt, water, and other debris could find it's way into the components of your system and cause irreversible damage. If using a hard case is not a practical option, keeping the device on a lanyard around your neck is the next best choice for the safety of the device.

    Avoiding situations that may compromise your electronic cigarette is the safest bet to ensure the longevity of the cartridge. Water can penetrate the cartridge, leak into the fluid and damage the internal components and atomizer. Always keep the system away from water. If you are participating in a summertime activity on or near water, it may be best to leave the device behind or keep it a safe distance away from the water. Exposure to direct sunlight may also compromise the fluid, as well as cause overheating in the battery. Keep the system out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

    The longevity of your electronic cigarette and cartridges greatly depends on you. By taking extra precautions to make sure the device is safe and secure, the quality of the vapor and life of the system will continue to be satisfactory. Always keep the device in a secure place such as a hard case when not in use. Using a lanyard can keep the device conveniently on your body without the danger of keeping it in your pocket is a wise decision.

    Ultimately, exercising caution and taking a few simple steps will greatly increase the life of your electronic cigarette cartridges, and keep your system functioning properly for a longer period of time.

  • Ohm's Law: Essential Vaping Knowledge

    Ohms Law Essential Vaping Knowledge

    As vaping continues to evolve, Ohm’s Law comes up more and more. It’s the essential foundation upon which the whole of vaping rests. As we get more comfortable with our vaping devices, we should strive to have at least a basic understanding of Ohm’s Law. It’s critical information that goes a long way. With a good understanding of it, we can have a safer, more satisfying vape. Ohm’s Law, in simple language, means: Current = voltage 'divided' by resistance

    We can think of current like water flowing through a pipe. In reality, it’s the rate at which electrons flow through some medium or surface per second. For our purposes, the current flows through the kanthal wire in our coils. Returning to our pipe analogy, the voltage is akin to opening a faucet. For instance, if the faucet were all the way open, there would be more water flowing through the pipe than if it were half-open. Similarly, the more voltage, the more current. Resistance is the friction in the pipe that slows the water down. As the voltage puts current through the coil, the resistance is the amount of space that the electrons bump into, slowing them down and generating heat. Power, which we measure in watts, is the key to the amount of heat generated. Power is: Voltage squared, divided by the resistance.

    Although more resistance might seem like it would generate more heat based on our pipe analogy, it’s actually the power that affects the amount of heat, because more power means more energy going into the coil in the first place. The amount of power is affected by the resistance, and it’s possible to get more power with a lower resistance; this is why a lower resistance will give you a thicker, warmer vape. A higher resistance creates a cooler vape, and ultimately produces less vapor than a lower resistance at the same wattage (assuming the same initial voltage). This is the reason that many devices have been built to put out 150-200 watts of power (or more, in some cases). With this in mind, it’s not difficult to see how easy it can be to “tweak” your vape exactly how you like it.

    The reality is that vaping is not a habit; it’s a hobby with a bit of a learning curve. It doesn’t have to be a complicated physics lesson to be useful. Ohm’s Law gives us the tools we need to find our vaping “sweet spot” and it’s absolutely worth the effort to learn. Knowing Ohm’s Law helps us achieve a safer, more satisfying vape.

  • Re-Wrapping Your Vaping Batteries

    Re-Wrapping Your Vaping Batteries

    Daily use of anything can result in wear and tear. Each day we use the batteries in our devices but rarely think about the damage that can occur when we take them in and out. We may nick the battery casing once and slightly tear it another time but not a big problem right? No. This can be a very big problem. The skin covering our batteries is the only thing protecting them from making contact with the metal casing on our devices and shorting.

    Basically, the outer wall of the batteries in our vaping devices is a negative. This is why the positive terminal is covered and the wrap leaves the only the negative terminal exposed. If the battery casing begins to tear near the top of your battery, it could arch and cause a short.

    Do you use a regulated MOD? This doesn't matter. If the battery makes contact with the battery door it can cause a short even when you have the batteries outside of the device.

    What's the solution? Re-wrapping our batteries with cheap and easy to install cases.

    The damage to our battery cases is not only overlooked but usually ignored by many vapers. Let's have a look at your battery. Are there any nicks, scratches or cuts on the casing? If so, there's no need to stress. Follow these easy guidelines to re-wrapping your battery:

    1. Use your fingernail to get under the wrapper and begin pulling it from the batter. We suggest not using scissors or another tool to prevent damaging the cell.

    2. Measure the length of the battery and trim the new wrapper to be 1/4" long on either end. This will ensure it covers the whole battery properly once we are finished.

    3. Slide the battery into the new wrapper. Center the battery in the wrapper so there's an even amount of space on either end.

    4. Use a heat gun or a hair dryer turned to a high setting to apply heat to the battery and its ends so the wrap shrinks tightly around the batter and the ends close properly around it.

    5. It's that simple. Your battery looks brand new and is ready for more usage. We suggest labeling the battery with the date you purchased it. This way you'll know when it's time to replace the battery, not only the skin.

    Batteries are typically very resilient. They don't break easily. The damage inflicted upon them is usually caused by our usage and can be prevented by proper care.

    One last small tip: Many vapers put their batteries in their pockets along with change, keys and other metal objects that can easily damage them. It's both destructive to the battery and unsafe. It is very important to care for your batteries. Batteries that are uncared for can cause many problems.

    With proper care of your batteries, vaping can be stress free and enjoyable.

  • Don't Let Your MOD Overheat During The Summer

    Dont Let Your MOD Overheat During The Summer

    As a vaper, you should always use your particular unit according to the manual, which shows you how to operate your MOD safely and efficiently. I’d like to touch on some how’s and why’s of overheating during the summer. Also, within this article, there will be quick tips and advice about MODs and their batteries. When it comes to vaping, there are things to know which are very critical and valuable when operating your private unit.

    Exercising caution while using your MOD is a must when you are using it both indoors and outdoors. And now that summer is here, of course, we want to take our mods along with us to get-togethers and barbecues (and everywhere else)! Usually, no matter where you’re from summer means hot, hot, hot! Here are a few tips and how to keep your MOD safe from overheating.e

    1. Try not to press your firing button for extended periods of time while taking a hit (or drag) because doing so will cause your mod to get hot to the touch and your battery could overheat and potentially erupt.

    2. Always remain conscious of your temperature and voltage usage by checking your current settings and also when you’re adjusting them. Doing this lengthens the life of your battery.

    3. Avoid overcharging your battery by charging it during the day when you know you can check on it every so often. Most MODs have a safety feature, which allows it to stop charging after it has reached its limits, but there's no guarantee so to be safe, no overnight charging if you can refrain from doing so.

    4. Do your best to keep your mod out of direct sunlight or extreme heat conditions for extended periods of time. I know this may seem like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised by how many people forget or even think about their mods exposed to direct sunlight. Nobody wants to run back to their towel at the beach, only to find e-liquid and battery acid all over their belongings, leaving them with a mess and destroyed mod!

    5. My final tip is to be sure that you always lock your MOD to avoid accidentally sitting on the firing button without knowing it and overheating your mod to the maximum. Neglecting to lock your MOD causes a potential fire hazard or explosion in your pocket or where ever else you keep your mod.

    Hopefully, you’ve found these tips helpful and useful, if not, at least informational. After buying your MOD, please read the manual that comes along with it to obtain the information you may need.

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