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  • Proper Tips for Vaping Outside During the Winter

    Proper Tips for Vaping Outside During the Winter

    If you're new to vaping, you probably aren't familiar with the struggle vapers face during the winter months. In addition to having to brave the cold every so often to enjoy your vape, the drop in temperature also complicates the mechanics of your device. Below are some helpful tips for vaping this winter.

    Winter Vaping Outdoors Tip #1: Keep Your E-Liquid at Room Temperature
    While stepping outside for a quick vape won't ruin your e-juice, prolonged exposure to the cold could cause the liquid to thicken. Avoid this by limiting the device's time in the cold or by keeping it warm in your hand. Otherwise you run the risk of not only thickening your liquid, but also damaging your coil.

    Winter Vaping Outdoors Tip #2: Protect Your Equipment from Moisture
    Remember that your vape is an electronic device and that, like all electronics, it doesn't mix well with moisture. By simply moving from the warm interior of your home to the freezing cold outside, condensation can form on the most sensitive parts of your vape. Take the necessary precautions by packing it in a protective carrying case to keep the moisture away.

    Winter Vaping Outdoors Tip #3: Limit Your Devices Exposure to Freezing Temperatures
    In addition to damaging your hardware, freezing temperatures can also do a number on your device's battery life. When batteries are exposed to the cold, it can cause lithium inside to create plating over the electrodes, thereby causing your device's battery to overheat or charge at a slower rate. If you absolutely must vape outside in the cold this winter, allow your device to acclimate to the warmth of your home before charging it.

    Final Winter Vaping Outdoors Tip: Avoid the Metal Drip Tip
    If you're a fan of metal tips, you may want to consider a nice plastic tip this winter. It could spare you from a rather painful realization. When freezing metal comes in contact with something warm and wet, it will very likely stick to it. The same principle applies when your mouth touches a metal tip of a vape. If you're not into plastic drip tips, you can always spring for one of the wooden or glass variety.

    Of course, you could always choose to vape inside your home to avoid exposing your device (and yourself) to the bitter cold.








  • What Makes A Cheap Vaping Coil Well...Cheap?

    What Makes A Cheap Vaping Coil Well...Cheap

    Vaping, atomizing, and electronic cigarettes are a relatively new yet revolutionary concept in self-medication practice. The benefits to vaping and using these products are expertly verified and quite varied as well. Within these various tools of the trade however lie crucial components, necessary to the act of mechanical vaping – our most beloved activity.

    Importance of the Coil

    Perhaps the most important of all of these components is the coil. This central part of the vaping mechanism is single-handedly responsible for the device's changeover of liquid to gas, and the subsequent presence of a usable vapor. This is true regardless of the coil class - MOD coils, portable vaporizer coils, or e-cig coils.

    Because of their crucial role to the entirety of the vaping experience, coils have thus become a matter of elevated interest. Particularly, there has been much more curiosity as to how these coils differ at different quality levels as well as how they function in the first place. To make it all easier to understand, let's break it down to the basics. The following may come as a bit of a science lesson to some, but we'll keep it brief, explaining the function of the coil as well as providing some basic insights into electricity itself.

    How It Works

    First, some basics about electricity will really help one to understand their coil and its quality. Electricity flows very well through particular metals. In other metals however, it struggles to flow as well and thus encounters what is referred to as “resistance”. Resistance can be terrible in some applications. Here though, the concept of resistance is actually necessary.

    This is where the coil comes in. The coil acts as this aforementioned, metallic path of travel for the electricity generated by the device's battery. The electricity naturally wants to flow across the body of this part whenever the battery sends power to it. However, due to its finely crafted, intentionally resistant composition, the electricity must struggle to run through it.

    The result here is a controlled and focused heat point – a super-heated and very focused point on the coil in which this reaction takes place. Subsequently, the vaporizer's liquid solution is pulled across this finely focused heat source. This then creates the inhalable vapor ultimately sought.

    The Effect of Coil Quality

    As in all manufactured wares, costs are a big governor over quality in product when it comes to vaping coils. Regardless of the type of vaporizing mechanism, the core innerworkings of the coil are much the same. Variations in quality however change everything.

    How exactly does quality differ between coils? In most cases, cost-control dictates the type of metals and casting processes used in the creation of a coil. Overall quality in design is also touched by the consideration.

    In a low quality coil, the company has likely saved money on the mass production of its coil via the use of cheaper metals, manufacturing processes, and designs. The result is a coil that does not employ the optimal metal compositions or design for the optimal electrical resistance and resulting vaporization. Perhaps then the coil dies quicker because the metal couldn't withstand the constant and demanding electron travels across it. Maybe the coil only works intermittently, a sign of troubled travel of electricity through the cheaply-made design. Regardless of the symptom, coil quality greatly dictates effective and reliable vaporization in addition to actual occurrences of bad symptoms.

    These are the basics of the concept of the coil as well as the effects of quality on these crucial parts. Cheap coils will typically produce equivalent results while quality ones will do the same. To the benefit of the patron though, the wide variety in available choices here is always a plus.

  • Newbie Vapers: How To Use A Single Cartridge When You Vape

    Newbie Vapers How To Use A Single Cartridge When You Vape

    If you've decided to switch to electronic cigarettes here at Smoking Vapor, you're welcome aboard. Scientists have collected a lot of evidence that shows that if everyone who smokes the regular cigarettes switched, there would be 5 million less smoking related deaths every year. The biggest problem that comes with the normal cigarettes is the combustion and not the nicotine. The burning brings about thousands of carcinogens and tar. When you switch to an e-cig, you eliminate the combustion, hence the assertion that switching is like quitting.

    What is a single cartridge e-cig?
    The basic e-cigarette relies on the cartridge. The cartridge is a compartment that contains the liquid nicotine that you vaporize and inhale. When the liquid in the cartridge is used up, you throw it away and get another one. The cartridges are sold in packs of 5, 10 and 15 and at times even more. The single cartridge e-cig is used; the process is simple because you do not need an atomizer. Every cartridge comes with its own atomizer. The important thing to note about the cartridge e-cigs is that when you buy a kit from one brand, all the cartridges that you buy and replace the original one with should be the same brand.

    How is the cartridge used?
    To use the cartridge, you simply attach it to the component in the e-cig. There are people that choose to take the cig for a dry run before they inhale anything from it. This removes any factory flotsam that could affect the user. Then, you load the tank. For the pre-filled cartridges you just attach it to the battery. You can dab some unmixed oil on the atomizer or the parts that surround the wick. The mixed oil is normally put in the tank. Then, there are those cigs that automatically hit up when you inhale while others have a push button.

    There are many benefits that come from the single cartridge cigs. To start with, they are easy to use. Learning to use the cartridges correctly will help you use one for a longer period of time.

  • A Truly Awesome Tank: AMIGO RT SUB OHM TANK - SS

    So just how well-performing is this sub-ohm tank?
    Well, the AMIGO RT SUB OHM Atomizer tank is said to be better than the Atlantis or the Arctic vape tank systems.
    How you might ask?
    Well, to start, it has a 0.5 OHM bottom vertical coil made of USA Kanthol Wire. The metal mesh around the organic cotton really throttles the liquid flow and disperses it more evenly to prevent spit back and gurgling.
    True power and airlfow are key because...
    This bad boy fires up to 80W with most premium liquids, but hits its sweet spot around 65W. The tanks come with adjustable airflow and an adjustable pin connector to ensure you get the right energy transfer and a solid connection regardless of the battery built-in hardware you're using on your MOD or vaporizer unit. The tank comes with a heat dissipating wide-mouth drip tip that is changeable on the 4.0 mL Glass Tank.
    As you can see, the easy open bottom fill with fine machined threading makes this sub-tank the Mercedes of the industry.
  • Top 3 Fall E-Liquids From Smoking Vapor

    Top 3 Fall E-Liquids From Smoking Vapor

    There are certain aspects of the Fall season that everyone associates with. The temperature drops, a relaxing wind breezes by the ever-changing colors of trees as you put on a sweater. You can smell the apple pies coming fresh out of the oven. The pumpkin-spice pops up in everything from coffee to desserts and you think, "now I know autumn is coming." Speaking of pumpkin spice, what are some of the flavors that go best with this changing season? Well, we've put together 3 of the best e-liquid flavors you can vape while admiring the color changes and cooler weather that help define the fall season.

    PENNYWISE is one of the most delicious e-juice flavors out there. Unlike some of the e-juices, which seem to lose their flavor after a view hits, this juice actually maintains its taste for vape after vape. The fruit flavors are unique and dynamic, and seem to complement each other in a new and powerful way each time. Whether it's that apple pie flavor or that spiced cider that you expect with the upcoming fall season, you can find the perfect flavor to pair with your autumn celebrations with this e juice. Each flavor has a strong, rich body that you would expect from a premium brand.

    Everyone knows that transition from fall to summer means dropping temperatures and cooler weather, so why not cool off with Cool Menthol  E Liquid? In addition that cool flavor, it has a delicious freshness with a tobacco taste beneath right before a smooth finish. A perfect pairing with the cooler autumn temperatures, this menthol flavor will make you fit right in with the Fall festivities. You won't be disappointed with this one!

    Apple picking, apple pies, apple cider- everyone knows that fall means it's apple season. Most people have very fond memories of going on apple picking field trips during the fall with school, or trying grandma's apple pie, so why not get in the mood with this delicious green apple e-liquid? It gives you that sweet and sour, yet crisp and pure, delicious apple flavor that everyone associates with the fall season. This e-liquid is filled with unique flavors with a slightly tart finish on exhale. Anyone who wants to try a sour vape juice to pair with the apples of the Fall season will love this flavor.

    So as the leaves turn from that summer green to the red, yellow, and orange of autumn, don't forget to try these unique e-liquid flavors. They'll pair perfectly with the cooler breezes in the air that carries with it the smell and sensations of the pumpkin spiced coffees and lattes or the apple pies cooling in the windows. You won't be disappointed with these!

  • Top 3 Fall E-Cig Cartridge Flavors From Smoking Vapor

    Top 3 Fall ECig Cartridge Flavors From Smoking Vapor

    The weather is changing. With the warm summer sun turning into a cool autumn air, it can only mean one thing: fall is here. And with fall comes a change in moods and attitudes. No matter what you do for fall, you're going to want your favorite e-cig companion and a lot of options to enjoy your tobacco love affair at any moment. Therefore, here are 3 flavors you just have to try this season:

    SV Fall Cartridge #3: SV COOL MENTHOL
    This super smooth rendition is the ice-cold king of vapor smokes. It's like a blast of cool-flavored gum, or a puff of your favorite menthol cigarette. The bold flavor is invigorating and refreshing all at the same time. Embrace your passion with this fierce version of your favorite e-cig flavor for fall.

    SV Fall Cartridge #2: SV CHOCOLATE VAPOR
    When fall hits, chocolate is in. And if you love chocolate, you'll be in heaven with his flavor profile. It mixes a hint of chocolate pudding with luxurious chocolate cake. It's a rich, decadent feeling that goes amazingly with coffee, tea, espresso, wine, or coffee-flavored liquors. And it's 0 calories. Try finding that kind of deal at your local restaurant. (Hint: you won’t). Don't get fooled by knockoff imitations, as they don't use the quality flavor signals that Chocolate vapor does. So indulge in this Chocolate Vapor whenever the mood hits.

    SV Fall Cartridge #1: SV CLASSIC TOBACCO
    There's no better way to celebrate the season than with this rich, mild American tobacco blend. Features of the Classic flavor include a bit of pipe tobacco accents with a slightly bitter finish. It's just like opening a pack of paper cigarettes. And because it is silky vapor, you don't have to suffer any of the drawbacks of regular smokes. Instead, you can enjoy a better alternative whenever and wherever you want. You've also got your choice of nicotine levels: Zero, Low, Medium, and High. And each box of the Classic tobacco flavor comes with 5 cartridges, flavor-sealed, for your SV e-cig.

    This fall season, you’re in control. And no matter which one of these flavors suits your fancy: Classic, Chocolate Vapor, or COOL MENTHOL, you'll be able to indulge as much as you want, with whom you want, where you want, when you want. That's the enjoyment of SV cartridges.

  • Science Of Vaping And The Feelings Involved

    Science Of Vaping And The Feelings Involved

    Vaping for a lot of people tends to be a very nice and relaxing experience. Most turn to vaping to quit smoking cigarettes gradually, while others are in it just for the taste and experience most vaping products provide us. There are several different vaping devices people use to fuel their wants in an electronically used cigarette; e-cigarette, portable vaporizer, and MODs. All these vaping devices bring different unique experiences to the table.

    E-cigarette's are usually the easiest device to start with if you are interested in vaping, especially if you have been a smoker before or still are currently. These devices mock a cigarette in look and sometimes how they drag. Quick explanation on drag, when the term is used it is meant to define how smoke or vape pulls out of the device, whether it be a smooth pull, rougher pull, or harder. E-cigarettes mostly have a rougher pull, that tries to simulate a normal cigarette would feel if you were smoking one.

    These devices are obviously heavier than a cigarette, most rechargeable, and come in so many different flavors. For example, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and various kinds of blends. When vaping from these devices, depending on the brand, you will get a very similar experience from smoking a cigarette. Some of these products even let you suck in the vape, or you press the button and you draw from that instead, depending on what you prefer when smoking. They've a slightly rougher pull, they're small, fit easier in your hand, and most just have that right look into tricking you into thinking you are smoking the real thing. These devices do not allow you to change out your e-liquid, so what you buy is usually what you get when it comes to flavors. Important to mention as well while some are rechargeable they do not last very long, and a lot are just one time uses (as in, no recharge) and disposable afterwards.

    Next we have the portable vaporizer and MODs, which are usually bigger versions of a e-cigarette. These are great to explore if you have been using a e-cigarette for a while and would like to further your hobby or get a better experience out of these vapes. You can start out simply with a ego battery vaporizer. The ego battery vaporizer is a style, not a brand. They are a quite a bit wider and longer then a normal e-cigarette (ranging from a little sausage to normal sized hot dog). These are also nice because they are battery rechargeable (through USB, car port, and wall port).

    With these devices you can opt to get variable voltage (or VV), in short it allows you to customize how hot your e-liquid can get and it's very consistent when switching around between different atomizers and ohms. Though having VV in your device does make the battery drain a lot faster, and they usually run larger than other devices. These are very nice to have around as they are inexpensive most of the time and they always seem to have a smoother drag when vaping from them. The e-liquid for these devices are usually expanded massively for more flavor choices.

    MOD's are highly more complicated of devices and only truly recommended for those who are experienced with them or have done their research. Mechanical MOD's are nice because they don't have complex circuitry that can be damaged by liquids. The other bonus is that you can switch out your batteries. Digital MOD's are easier to use and way more customization options. These both allow you to really customize your vaping experience; you can pull smoother or rougher from these. Want more smoke? You can easily have it! These devices use the same e-liquid as an ego battery vaporizers, so still plenty of amazing choices.

    Different vaping devices can really be an enjoyable experience; whether you are just a beginner, or someone with experience in the field. Don't be afraid to explore around, learn more about the process, products, and vape with joy!

  • 3 Key Tips for Extending Your E-Cigarette's Lifespan

    3 Key Tips for Extending Your E-Cigarettes Lifespan

    E-cigarette parts are, ultimately, consumable and will require replacement at some point or another. Pre-filled cartridges and cartomizers are relatively cheap to replace, but a quality battery tends to cost more out of pocket. This makes it important to extend your battery’s lifespan as much as possible in order to get the most for your money.

    Here are just a few of the many things you can do to keep your e-cigarette battery working at its peak for as long as possible:

    Tip #1: Frequent Use
    Like phones, tablets, laptops, and most other rechargeable electronics, e-cigarettes are made for frequent, daily use. The same way frequent exercise keeps your muscles strong, regularly using your e-cigarette will help to keep it’s battery at peak performance. Lithium-ion batteries thrive on daily use, and using them regularly will help to keep their overall performance up and extend the life of the battery.

    Tip #2: Don’t Fully Drain Your Battery
    It used to be that the best thing to do for rechargeable batteries was to fully charge them, fully drain them, and repeat. These days, that’s the worst thing you can do. It’s easier to speed up a slowly moving train than it is to get a stopped train moving and e-cigarette batteries operate on a similar principle. A fully drained battery will be harder to charge than a partially drained one, forcing the battery to work harder just to get a charge. This'll ultimately lower the number of charge cycles the battery can complete and lead to a shorter lifespan and more frequent battery replacements.

    Tip #3: Always Disconnect Cartridges and Cartomizers
    Even when not in use, cartridges and cartomizers can slowly drain the power from a charged battery. This slow drain means there’s less power available when you want to use your e-cigarette, meaning you’ll have to recharge it sooner. Since most battery manufacturers only guarantee about 300 charge cycles, it’s important to put as much time between recharges as possible and get as much actual usage as possible from each full charge. Ensuring that your battery's disconnected is the easiest way to get the most use from each individual charge cycle and expand the amount of time you have before having to replace you e-cig battery.

    The battery is an important part of your e-cigarette, and extending the life of it as much as possible is key to keeping your replacement costs down, leaving more money in your pocket for that e-liquid or cartridge you’ve been wanting to try. Some of the easiest things you can do for your e-cigarette battery are to use it frequently, avoid fully draining it, and always disconnect it from it’s cartridges or cartomizers. Even if you can’t get more then 300 charge cycles from your battery, following these tips will help to ensure that you get the most out of every charge.

  • Increasing Your RDA Flavor and Throat Hit

    Increasing Your RDA Flavor and Throat Hit

    If you're looking for more flavor and a better throat hit from your RDA, there are a few things you can do. The size of your coil, type of material used for your wick, the distance your coil is from your airflow, the amount of airflow, and the VG/PG ratio of your e-liquid all affect the taste and feel of your hit.

    The most important factor in increasing flavor is the surface area of the coil. A larger surface area means you'll be burning more juice and flavoring. The type of wire used is also a factor. Using twisted or clapton coils allows juice to fill the nooks and bring out more flavor. How the coil is wicked is another factor. You can't have too tight of a coil or the juice won't be able to travel up to the coil fast enough and will result in more dry hits. If the coil is too loose, you'll end up with spots that are hotter on your coil and have dry hits as well. Airflow is another factor in flavor. Basically the less airflow there is, the more flavor you get. A fully open or very airy RDA will result in less flavor. An RDA with the airflow openings right next to the coils will help with giving more flavor due to the air being able to flow around the whole coil.

    The key element to getting a good throat hit is heat. Essentially, the hotter the coil, the better the throat hit. If you're using a mechanical mod the best way to get hotter coils is to build a lower ohm coil (be careful). Look for a battery from a brand you trust that has an amp limit of at least 30 With an electric mod you want to increase the wattage/voltage. For the wick, you want to use cotton or rayon as they burn hotter than silica. As for the coils, thinner wire and shorter coils will be hotter at the expense of cloud volume.

    One of the tricky aspects is coil placement. If you want a good throat hit you need to have the coil further away from the airflow intake, but that may come at the cost of flavor. You're going to have to do a little experimenting to find the right distance for the right balance of flavor to throat hit. The amount of PG in the e-juice will have an effect on throat feel as well. The higher the PG, the more feel it'll have.

    There is no one answer to the perfect build. The type of juice you use, the RDA you're using, and personal preference are going to determine how you build your coil. Through experimentation and adjustments, you'll be able to find the right balance for you.

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