The E-Liquid Name Could Make A Difference


Would a rose smell as sweet by any other name? The answer: Yes, it would, but would you still want to smell it? A rose catches your eye, you slow down, walk over, bring the stem to your nose, touch it and smell it. It becomes an experience. A well constructed business plan means turning a commodity into a rose. Make it an experience for the consumer. A customer is told about an e-liquid, he chooses the one with the most interesting name, he holds the bottle in his hand and is pleased with the packaging, he then smells the liquid and the aroma is too sweet to give back. Sold! It started with a name.

In the world of vaping, we're constantly bombarded with the new "it" vape juice. Vape shops are cropping up all over the place, and each one has the best e-liquid. How does a consumer choose the best liquid? Essentially, if each liquid is created equal (ie: not accounting for specialty liquid) then the consumer is left with only a name and the packaging.

Scholars teach us to never judge a book by its cover, but we're a microwave society who doesn't always want to give up our precious time to do the leg work required to judge by anything more than the cover. Many vape shops offer taste testing, they have lists with flavor combinations, or the juice is named according to what's in it. People are busy and often won't take the time to consider the options carefully. We pick what sounds phonetically pleasing to our ears.

For veteran vapers, it is a game of sorts to find new e-liquid flavors. Some veteran vapers also make their own e-liquid. The simple flavors get boring and unidentifiable to a veteran vaper. Things like grape, orange, and fruit no longer have appeal to vets. Not only do sexy, carefully considered names attract the veteran vapers who've sampled more flavors, it takes a single interesting name to attract a smoker and persuade them to give vaping a shot.

Not only do sexy names sound appealing to the ear, they sound sexy on social media as well. In the land where facebook, twitter, and instagram reach more people than radio ads a clever hashtag can literally travel all over the world. It doesn't particularly matter if the juice even tastes great. If it makes a nice sounding hashtag, then it will trend and influence others to try it.

Vendors have the capacity to appeal to a variety of vaping clientele by creating unique packaging and flavors of e-liquid. Names and packaging currently available in vaping stores appeal more male audiences. Names like Wet Dream, American Pie, and Head Trip can be, not only unappealing for female shoppers, but a turn off as well. Catering to a different audience with names that evoke a memory or sound appealing yet safe would put a brand in a category all on its own.

Vaping is a competitive market. Much of the clientele are users whose goal is to stop smoking and using a vaporizer. However, vapers tend to be a brand loyal clientele. This double edged sword can work in favor or against manufacturers. A brand must grab the attention of new users and be interesting enough to persuade brand loyal vapers to use their product. What's in a name? An entire experience.

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