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  • To Steep or Not To Steep?


    Steeping is the process that allows the various ingredients of a given e-liquid to unlock their best flavors and be evenly felt in the e-liquid. The process is best applied when one wants to enjoy the deepest feeling that they've always wished in an e-liquid.

    Most vapers have practiced steeping, and it has yielded the best results than most methods. Steeping an e-liquid is much the same as to leave the wine to age, the older the wine, the sweeter it becomes. E-liquids that're steeped for a longer period are better than those left to steep within shorter periods. Two processes will ensure steeping is achieved: use of heat and the slow steeping method. Slow steeping doesn't require any heat; it involves shaking your e-liquid in a steeping bottle, if the liquid is viscous give it a better shake for even distribution. Find a cool and dry place to store your e-liquid and let it stay for a specified period. Check it after a week and if the taste isn't recommended keep on waiting longer as long as it doesn't expire. When the e-liquid has been properly steeped, it changes the color of the liquid giving it the flavor and color that you desire.

    E-liquids can be steeped too by involving heat in the process. Every person has his or her tastes, and this makes different people choose either to steep or not. Heat is done by placing the bottles in warm water until the temperature of the warm water decreases. Heat speeds up the process to give you a quicker product. Watch the water and let it cool to room temperature and keep on replacing it with warm water. Always remember to keep it in a closet that is dry and cold. Shake well the liquids to make them diffuse the flavor to the perfect e-liquid and give them the taste that they require. On the contrary, most people shy away from steeping since they believe that it takes longer time which is not true.

    Steeping is a good idea since the user obtains the satisfaction from the e-liquid. It is advisable to use the best method of steeping to avoid undergoing a bad experience with steeping. Steeping is always meant to improve the flavor or sweetness of an e-liquid, for example, a glass of juice.

  • Employers: Allow Your Employees To Vape At Work Already!

    Employees Vaping At Work

    Companies currently have many concrete reasons to consider embracing the idea of allowing their employees to vape while in the office or work area. Some reasons can provide possible financial benefits and also lead to certain health advantages by encouraging the use of vaping vs. traditional cigarette smoke breaks.

    The main reasons to allow vaping would increase and promote productivity, such as employees not having to go outside of the office or work area to have a nicotine fix from a cigarette. Meaning, the company wouldn't have to make as many special allowances anymore, as smokers tend to ask to take more breaks. This could easily add up to at least two separate 15 minute breaks during a typical 8 hr. shift. This would cut down on workers being away from their assigned areas and tasks for prolonged periods of time, leading to more work getting done in smaller amounts of time and eventually generating better quality work with less errors due to the cut-down in interruptions from numerous prolonged breaks.

    By law, if an employee works a certain amount of hours in a day, they're permitted a certain amount of time for a lunch break, and even a a small break for rest. These unpaid breaks could very well be utilized less if vaping was allowed instead of discouraging it in the workplace.

    Another reason employers may want to consider allowing workers to vape would be for possible health and financial benefits. Such as cutting out real cigarettes may very well improve the coverage and possibly the amount the company has to pay into insurance packages for its workforce. This could encourage and allow employees an outlet to focus on having a cleaner and better alternative lifestyle by abstaining from smoking cigarettes that would surely lead to costly medical procedures, testing, and treatments as a result.

    As of right now, it’s no mystery that cancer treatment is insanely expensive as well a harmful, yet an effectively necessary combatant to eliminating cancer from the human body. Where as vaping being the cleaner choice due to containing much lesser harmful ingredients of P.G. (propylene glycol) and V.G. (vegetable glycerine), flavoring, and nicotine versus over 4,000 chemicals, to include at least 43 known carcinogenic (cancer causing) and 400 other toxins. Hence the number and billing amount for claims sent to the insurance companies will decrease, therefore lessening the amount of money needed to cover more serious medical services being provided to that companies workforce.

    Ultimately, with the increasing use of vaping over traditional tobacco products, companies could use this growing trend to benefit financially. Additionally, enacting an addendum or a completely amended policy and procedures guide that would require employees to refrain from the use of tobacco products within a certain distance of the entrances to their establishment could be an interesting start. Taking these measures can essentially ban smoking's use, but by offering the allowance of vaping as a better alternative can get employees genuinely on board.

  • 3 Smoking Vapor Battery Safety Tips

    Vaping Battery Tips

    Vaping is a great way to stop smoking cigarettes, but there are some very important rules of safety that you should always follow when it comes to your batteries. Whether you're using an e-cigarette, a vaporizer, or a MOD for your vaping experience, you need to know the proper care and safety for your batteries that you should always follow. Each of the different styles has their own battery preference, safety instructions and rules you need to follow.

    If you are using an e-cigarette, the battery typically is charged by screwing it into a USB charging device. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of the battery, you need to keep the contacts clean and dry so that you’re getting maximum power. If your contact on the battery appears dirty, clean it with a cotton swab and a little rubbing alcohol. Be sure not to “hang” the battery from the charging port; you want to have the cord from the charger and the battery to lay on something so that it doesn’t stretch and tear the wires. One of the most important rules is to never attempt to tamper or alter the battery. If you encounter problems with the battery not wanting to charge, take it to a vape shop or to a battery store.

    Now, if you’re a little more advanced vaper and are using a vaporizer, then some of the care tips are the same as with an e-cigarette. These batteries are more powerful and require a little more care. Anytime that you’re not using your device, turn it off to ensure that if you stick it in your pocket or purse, that you’re not accidently hitting the button on it. If the button is pushed for too long, it can cause the internal battery to overheat. Also, anytime that you’re storing or sitting down your device, make sure that you keep it away from loose change, keys, or anything likewise that could possibly connect both the positive and negative contacts of the battery; this can create a short-circuit. And finally, always be sure to only use the appropriate charger for your device. Not all chargers are created equally.

    If you’re using a MOD, which takes rechargeable batteries, there are some extra precautions you need to take. One of the most important is to make sure you’re using the proper batteries for your MOD. Carefully check to see that the batteries aren’t damaged before and after use. If they’re damaged or the coating is coming off, DO NOT use. Never store your batteries where they’ll be exposed to extreme heat or cold. You need to keep them at the right temperature.

    Follow these simple battery safety tips/rules for your device(s) in order to maximize your vaping experience.

  • Enjoy an E-Cigar During The Super Bowl

    Super Bow Party

    If you plan on having a Super Bowl party, you should also plan to have a supply of e-cigars on hand to enjoy the big game for anyone who smokes or just wants to celebrate.

    An e-cigar uses a battery powered holder that holds a liquid of your favorite cigar. What you enjoy is the vapor as it's imbibed from the heated liquid of your favorite cigar. Just like an e-cigarette, an e-cigar is smokeless, which makes it a pleasure to enjoy while being fully sensitive to the other people around you who would surely be offended by cigar smoke.

    There's no smoke or ashes to worry about with an e-cigar. The battery powered holder vaporizes the liquid that has the special cigar taste you chose and the vapor is drawn in from a tube attached to the e-cigar holder. You get all of the taste of your favorite cigar without the smoke and ashes that would certainly make you unwelcome at any super bowl party. Even if you're enjoying the game alone, this can be a better companion for you since you aren't smoking in the burning ashes of a real cigar or the smoke. Your lungs aren't getting the blast of smoke and ashes but you are getting the full enjoyment of the taste of your favorite cigar as the liquid vaporizes and travels through the e-cigar tube to your mouth.

    You can chose the type of e-cigar you want and it will come to you in a liquid holder that encloses the comforting taste of your choice. Again the smoke is eliminated, the ashes are eliminated, but the full taste  as it is vaporized and inhaled by you is kept. A Super Bowl party with your best e-cigars is sure to be a hit with everyone you know that won't have to stay away from the burning smoke or have to clean up after you have smoked your regular cigar.

    Showing consideration for others as well as improving your own Super Bowl enjoyment with the companionship of your faithful e-cigar is what'll make this experience one to remember.

  • The Right Smoking Vapor Starter Kit

    Finding the right Smoking Vapor starter kit for you depends on many factors including your level of experience, whether you're looking for a quick fix for on the go or you want to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. Whatever the case may be, w'ere sure to have the right starter kit(s) to meet your vaping needs. During this introduction we will look at many factors. Cost or ease of use may be considerations when deciding the best vapor starter kit for you. E-cigarettes have easy to change cartridges and a cartridge is equal to about 25 cigarettes so you have both considerations in one kit. The cartridges usually come in packs of 5 for a total of about 125 cigarettes per 5-pack of cartridges. E-cigarettes have a built in battery and can be maintained by wiping the connectors when changing cartridges which eliminates decisions about the right battery to use.

    If you're a more experienced vapor and understand more about the wicks and battery power, a clearomizer may be a better choice. With a clearomizer you can use a variety of e-liquids and should take care not to spill the e-liquid into the air flow chamber when refilling. The user should wait a few minutes after refilling to allow the wick to absorb the e-liquid for proper vapor production. Clearomizer batteries can range from 650 mAh to 2200 mAh with the higher mAh lasting longer. A refill bottle of e-liquid is equal to about 180 cigarettes and cost less than a 5 refill pack of cartridges. Other things to take into consideration are the battery, clearomizer or atomizer, the charger, the e-juice and the case.

    Even if you are a novice to vaping and just want something simple and easy to use, you will find e-cigarettes with easy to change cartridges at Smoking Vapor such as the SV Express XL Starter Pack that has a longer lasting 280 mAh battery and comes with the Mini USB charger. However, someone with more experience can find a clearomizer just right for their taste as well as the right wicks and battery power. The Phantom X starter kit comes with everything to get started including a changeable drip tip and a 650 mAh Phantom Battery, side USB charge and a USB cord. There are also rebuildable atomizer for the experienced members of the vaping community. Smoking Vapor offers modes that give you greater control over and customization of your vaping experience. The Carbon Fiber Pandora 30 watt + Donner Sub-Tank Kit allows you to build your own kit so you can fully customize your vaping experience.

    The suggested starter kits are ideally suited for the vapor's level of experience. Experienced members of the vaping community who prefer mods choose their wick material and knows how to wrap a coil. The advantages to mods include longer battery life, variable voltage, temperature control and the potential for greater vapor production. Mods are more powerful devices but bulky and cost more. The user should have greater knowledge for a safe vaping experience. So, in conclusion, whatever your level of expertise, your perfect starter kit can be found at Smoking Vapor, as well as all the components you need to enjoy your customized vaping experience.

  • My Experience Vaping at Higher Altitudes

    If you’re a committed vapor who likes to travel or visit higher altitude destinations , then you should probably pay attention to this article. I've an interesting story to tell you about my vaping experiencing in a high altitude location, because we all know different altitudes means different vaping experiences.

    I was in New Orleans, LA, and the altitude there's -7 ft.. I was traveling from New Orleans to Springville, CA to go on a family trip. The new location was actually evaluated more than 1,000 ft.. I didn't think about the altitude of the new location and how it would affect my e-liquid or even my device, but boy did it cause some issues.

    First off, I just had my e-liquids in my luggage, which was my fist mistake. Second, I didn't empty out my  tank, which was another big mistake on my part. I should have done my research before traveling, as I could have saved myself a lot of disappointment.

    When we landed and got to our destination, I was eager to open up my luggage and start vaping, but that didn't happen… at least not right away. I was left with a mess! My luggage was wet with liquid due to the plastic containers leaking! I wasn't a happy camper. The increase in the pressure actually allows excess air to enter your liquid, which causes it to leak. My first thought was, “I probably should've emptied my tank instead of leaving it full." So, not only did my e-juice bottles leak, the tank was leaking too. I also learned that vaping in a locating with high altitudes isn't exactly easy, especially trying to form clouds, due to the tank becoming flooded. The taste of was not the normal delightful one to be enjoyed. It actually tasted burnt, which wasn't the refreshing taste I was looking for.

    I learned a lot from this experience and was actually able to create tips for myself, for the next time that I travel so these issues do not occur again:

    • The first tip I created was to make sure I place my e-liquid bottles into zip lock bags, this way, if there 's a leak, it won't be all over my luggage.
    • The second tip I made for myself is to carry my stuff on me and make sure that the tank is drained before getting on the plane. There are some devices that're actually created to withstand the different altitude changes. These devices are known to have an efficient wick, which acts as a blockage for the e-liquid. The wick doesn't allow air to enter the device, even during a pressure change, so no leaking!
    • My final tip I made for myself is when you've reached your destination, you should try vaping upside down, to prevent flooding of your tank and get rid of that excess air that may have entered the device.

    Long story short, when traveling to higher altitudes, be prepared for leaking and flooding issues. If you’re not prepared your trip could be ruined.

  • Newbie Vapers: What Types of Batteries to Lookout For

    New to vaping? No worries. Whether you're just getting started with the basics or simply in the market again for a  battery, read on, as we dive into a quick guide to batteries. You see, there are e-cigarettesvape pens, and MODS. Each device is battery-operated and can be recharged using a USB device or wall charger. The battery is the largest piece of the vaporizer, and is therefore the lynchpin of any device. Now, let’s break down what to look for within each type.

    Electronic Cigarette. The experience is generally less customizable.

    Batteries: Vary and offer an array of options, here are some features to look for:

    • battery type: automatic or manual
    • color: varied from princess pink to classic white, and so on
    • length: can determine usage time and physical length of battery (ex. 78 mm)
    • capacity: Often in tandem with length also determines usage time, the higher the better.

    Vape Pens: Think of this as level 2 for a vaper, where habit often meets hobby. While traditional e-cigs heat the e-liquid, vape pens gradually heat the e-liquid with warm air that passes through a cartomizer at a set temperature. This vaporizes and allows it to be released into the air without any burning, so it lasts longer. The vape pens generally have a larger tank, larger battery capacity, regulated control settings, and a more customizable vape experience.

    Batteries: More extensive options

    • Color: varied
    • Variable Voltage and/or Wattage: Adjust your voltage/wattage up or down to achieve the right taste and throat hit
    • Safety Features: Automatic cut off

    MODS: Are electronic and/or mechanical devices that use removable, rechargeable batteries. The ability to remove the batteries allows the user to have a set charging while the other is in use. A substantial knowledge base is required to safely assemble and operate them, particularly the mechanical MODs, which’re unregulated.

    Batteries: The most high-end ones you can find. The mechanical MODs come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular are single battery tubes, and dual battery boxes. Other features to look for:

    • Flat Top or Button Top (for polarity)
    • Cap batteries at 20 amp for safety
    • IMR Batteries for safer chemistry
    • Sizes: 18350, 18650, 26650
    • Battery case: imperative for protection & travel
    • Chargers: Cannot overcharge, consider voltage protection

    Regulated MODs:

    • Adjustable voltage & wattage
    • Safety: 10 second battery cutoff

    Battery Life

    You can expect approximately 800 puffs from a 900 mAh battery. With a 650 mAh battery, expect 400 puffs, and with an 1100 mAh battery, you should get 1,000 puffs. These are general estimates and will vary by manufacturer.

    Many influencers affect the battery’s life, including its milliamps, the model, and the size of the battery. Some are designed to be charged 250 to 300 times, and can last at least two days with a full charge A larger vaporizer battery will last a little longer, while a smaller battery will last a little less time.

    Preserving Battery Life

    Storage and usage temperatures will also affect the battery’s life. High storage temperatures, for an extended period of time, can affect the amount of charge the battery can hold and store, which in turn reduces the life. Continually storing the battery fully charged will also shorten its life.

    Make sure the unit is turned off when not in use, even if you are planning to use it again in 15 minutes. Turning it off in the will help extend the vaporizer battery life. Some models provide an auto-off feature after 10 or 20 minutes, which will help you economize the battery life.

    Hopefully that quick overview on batteries helped direct your steps as you gather info on the fascinating, complex, and yet fun realm of vaping.

  • Newbie Vapers: Learning Standard and Variable Voltages

    In order to truly enjoy the vaping experience, every vaper needs to understand voltages and how they work. Voltage refers to a unit of electrical potential required to send one ampere of current through the same amount of resistance. In vaping, a vaper can choose to vape on either standard or variable voltages. However, this is restricted by the vaping device being used.

    Standard Voltage
    A standard voltage is a constant voltage. As the name states, it allows you to vape and produce a constant output. Most vaping devices come with only constant voltage settings so that you don't have to bother changing. However, even devices that support variable voltages come with a set standard voltage. But, this can be changed to other variable voltages.

    Variable Voltage
    Variable voltage on the other hand isn't constant. MODs come with a variable voltage advantage. They allow you to set you vaping above or below 3.7 volts, which's the standard voltage. Therefore, you can enjoy different voltages with the same device. This helps to maximize your vaping experience.

    Differences Between Them
    Standard voltages are at a constant of 3.7 volts and cannot be increased or reduced to match your vaping needs. On the other hand, variable voltages can be adjusted up or down from the standard o as to enhance the vaping experience.

    Vapers can vape at standard  using any kind of device that's both regular and variable. However, one can only vape on variable voltages if they own a device that allows voltage levels to be adjusted.

    Standard voltages are for newbies. On the other hand, variable voltages are for those experienced in vaping. This is because adjusting variables can be quite tricky and can be a safety hazard if tried by those who don't understand it.

    The bottom-line is that none of the two types of voltages are disadvantageous. However, variable voltages will allow you a superior vaping experience than vaping at the standard voltage. This is because, with variable voltages, one can achieve the optimum throat hit, produce more vapor, and even intensify the flavor taste. But, with standard voltage, these things will always be constant.

  • The Dense, Dry Hit: Vaping at 400 Watts

    400 watts

    If you’ve ever thought “I’d like to experience a truly dry hit” when vaping, then pulling a hit at 400 watts might just be for you. Be warned: the hit is dry after about a second of inhaling, so be prepared to cough. Whatever e-juice you vape will have a very, very dense flavor: essentially, it will taste as though you’ve dripped directly on your tongue. Truly speaking, a lot of the power from the 400 watts is wasted, because it eats your e-liquid before you can really enjoy your hit. Of course, vaping at 400 watts is not all bad because you've the ability to pull potentially the largest clouds you’ve ever seen!

    Before deciding you want to take a hit at 400 watts, you need to take a look at the equipment you’re using. That much power can (and probably will) melt your decks and/or coils. Most MODs are simply not built to endure such a high power. The same goes for your liquid. It simply isn't made to withstand a power that high and will be spent in perhaps a second, tops; especially if your device has heavy duty coils, decks, and a large amount of e-juice on hand. However, the pay-off may be worth it for you. With a power so high, the cloud you pull is intense. If you’ve ever wanted to be a dragon, vaping at 400 watts is for you—the seasoned professional, who enjoys the showmanship more than the experience.

    All things considered, vaping at 400 watts is a potentially dangerous and a costly decision. There's a strong probability you'll melt your coils and decks; you'll definitely burn all the juice in your MOD. Don’t vape at 400 watts unless you're fully prepared for a very dense, very dry hit.

  • The Better of Vaping: Dry Herbs vs. Oils

    There are so many ways to smoke now days. A current hot topic is how to vape: oil vs. dry herb. There are many differences between the two when it comes to vaping like this, but there's no distinct superior choice. What type someone finds to be the best is solely dependent on them and their experience. There are great qualities, pros/cons for both so whichever one finds to be the most convenient is alright.

    With that said, here are some of the differences:

    The main difference people notice when vaping between the two is definitely the smell. Dry herb will always have that classic "bud smell" which some people don't like and others find soothing. The smell tends to not be as pungent as vaping from other devices, but dry herbs will always have that scent. Oils can have that smell but many do not. Some of these vapers prefer oil for this reason; you can choose a type that's odorless.

    Another direct difference to note is that dry herb is still the plant, so it can be harsher when inhaling, causing more coughing if one's not used to it in a vaping form. Oil will have a much smoother toke. If you're a newbie, coughing is almost guaranteed with either, but oil is more sensitive.

    Oil tends to have much higher concentrations of THC, which means a stronger, faster high. This seems ideal, however, it can also be scary. Some people prefer the bud because they find the high to be more relaxed because they drift into it rather than suddenly being high. Many people note that the high of bud is better and longer, but this is a very subjective opinion.

    Both are relatively easy to maintain. With dry herb, all you have to do is take a clean object (tissue, clothes, etc.) to wipe off the scraps off the vape pen. With oil, it is much more sticky and hard, so it requires warm water and more special supplies (which it should be provided with). Although oil needs more effort, both are still pretty easy to clean off.

    The world of vaping is still relatively new and there are just some facts that are indisputable. A majority of the vape pens are targeted more towards oils than dry herb. Dry herb is older therefore it is much easier to find than oil is. Oil is still relatively new and people are skeptical since it is much more similar to "smoking chemicals" versus bud. With oil, however, you know what you're vaping while with bud there is always the chance it is bad batch. It requires more bud to get high versus oil. Both kinds of vapes are easy to carry and portable. But in the end, dry herb is still the classic bud that has made it so popular over the years.

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