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  • RDAs are a DIY Vaper's Dream Come True

    RDAs are a DIY Vapers Dream Come True

    Dripping is a term used for a way vape without using chambers but rather placing drops of e-liquid right on the coils often atomizer. It's popular because of the fact that it gives off a bolder and richer flavor than traditional methods and because it's easier to switch from one flavor of e-juice to another this way. In order to do this properly, bridgeless atomizers are needed. Though e-liquid can be dropped directly onto the bridge, the hit is  better when the liquid goes directly onto the coils. And thus, the different methods for getting the bridge out of the way are where RDAs come in to play.

    RDAs stands for rebuildable dripping atomizers which are a DIY alternative to buying atomizers that come prefixed and ready to drip. Traditionally, in order to get the effect of dripping, vapers would have to take apart their atomizers and remove the bridge piece in order to expose the coils so e-liquid could be placed directly onto them. When the popularity of dripping rose, atomizers without bridges became available and so did RDAs. RDAs are a popular choice that gives vapers the option to create their own bridgeless atomizers at a lower cost than those that come pre-made that way. RDAs allow users to replace wicks and coils themselves.

    Now, there's an art to dripping that involves using the correct amount of e-liquid to achieve maximum drags without losing flavor or having the liquid come dripping out of the atomizer. It's important to consider that when buying a RDA, care needs to be taken to build the coils and wicks correctly or  the e-juice could lose flavor. It's important to do research and choose the right rebuildable atomizer or risk wasting e-liquid and money on an apparatus that isn't effective.

    When looking for which RDA to buy, it's important to consider several key factors such as the number of posts. The more posts in the RDA, the more coil setups which means more vapor. Next is airflow control. The amount of controlled airflow  in the device is directly related to vapor and flavor; more airflow means more vapor, less airflow means better flavor. The decks on RDAs are important factors as well because they determine how much of a wick and how much liquid the device can hold.

  • Ohm's Law: Essential Vaping Knowledge

    Ohms Law Essential Vaping Knowledge

    As vaping continues to evolve, Ohm’s Law comes up more and more. It’s the essential foundation upon which the whole of vaping rests. As we get more comfortable with our vaping devices, we should strive to have at least a basic understanding of Ohm’s Law. It’s critical information that goes a long way. With a good understanding of it, we can have a safer, more satisfying vape. Ohm’s Law, in simple language, means: Current = voltage 'divided' by resistance

    We can think of current like water flowing through a pipe. In reality, it’s the rate at which electrons flow through some medium or surface per second. For our purposes, the current flows through the kanthal wire in our coils. Returning to our pipe analogy, the voltage is akin to opening a faucet. For instance, if the faucet were all the way open, there would be more water flowing through the pipe than if it were half-open. Similarly, the more voltage, the more current. Resistance is the friction in the pipe that slows the water down. As the voltage puts current through the coil, the resistance is the amount of space that the electrons bump into, slowing them down and generating heat. Power, which we measure in watts, is the key to the amount of heat generated. Power is: Voltage squared, divided by the resistance.

    Although more resistance might seem like it would generate more heat based on our pipe analogy, it’s actually the power that affects the amount of heat, because more power means more energy going into the coil in the first place. The amount of power is affected by the resistance, and it’s possible to get more power with a lower resistance; this is why a lower resistance will give you a thicker, warmer vape. A higher resistance creates a cooler vape, and ultimately produces less vapor than a lower resistance at the same wattage (assuming the same initial voltage). This is the reason that many devices have been built to put out 150-200 watts of power (or more, in some cases). With this in mind, it’s not difficult to see how easy it can be to “tweak” your vape exactly how you like it.

    The reality is that vaping is not a habit; it’s a hobby with a bit of a learning curve. It doesn’t have to be a complicated physics lesson to be useful. Ohm’s Law gives us the tools we need to find our vaping “sweet spot” and it’s absolutely worth the effort to learn. Knowing Ohm’s Law helps us achieve a safer, more satisfying vape.

  • Long-Term Refrigeration Can Be Bad For E-Liquids

    Long-Term Refrigeration Can Be Bad For E-Liquids

    The art of vaping is becoming a widely practiced trend all around the world, by thousands. You can buy many e-liquids that come in a wide variety of flavors. Every e-liquid has a shelf life, and you need to know how to properly store the liquid. If you find a favorite e-liquid and want to buy it in bulk, storing them in the refrigerator long-term isn't the best idea.

    E-liquids can typically last for two years, but if you don't store them right, you may find they lose their flavor or throat hit. They are very sensitive to heat and if you leave them at room temperature too long, may leave your e-cigarette tasting light and stale.

    If you want to store your e-liquids properly, taking it out if it's original packaging is the first thing you need to do. When you get a new e-liquid, most of them are packaged in a plastic bottle. The plastic in those bottles can lead to an aftertaste when stored in plastic too long. The best bottle option a is dark glass. Make sure it has a screw-on lid to keep the air out.

    Why's Storing Your E-Liquids In The Refridgerator a Bad Idea?

    It's important to store your bottles in a place that is cool - but not cold - and dark. Some people say that storing your e-liquids in the refrigerator - or even the freezer - is the best storage option. Please, don't take this "advice". Yes, the refrigerator is cool, but the extreme temperature of a refrigerator - especially a freezer - can affect the chemical makeup of an e-liquid and it can become useless.

    Some people have great success storing their e-liquids in their basements - which are cool, but not cold. If you don't have that option available, cabinets, cupboards, and closets are great options.

    What If The Refrigerator Is The Only Place You Can Store Your E-Liquids?

    If you don't have any other option and have to refrigerate your e-liquids, - which should be your absolute last option- in order to minimize the effects of the cooling process, be sure to let your e-juice air out prior to use. Be aware, you should only use your e-liquids at room temperature to experience the best results. If it is frozen or chilled, the liquid gets oily and thick, which can affect the quality of the product use. Don't leave it in the refrigerator too long, the longer it's in there, the more it will effect the e-liquids chemical makeup.


    As stated above, direct heat is the worst thing for an e-liquid. You should take special measures to ensure your e-liquid is never exposed to direct sunlight for any period of time. It is also important to avoid placing your e-liquids in windows or other places where the light and sun hit. The best way to ensure your e-liquids aren't exposed to light is to store them in dark tinted glass bottles. These are sold online and are a great investment to take care of your e-liquids.

    E-liquids can sometimes be expensive, and you don't want to waste them. Getting the most out of your e-liquid is important, so store them properly and avoid refrigeration as much as you can.

  • 3 Tips To Avoid Damaging Your Wicks

    3 Tips To Avoid Damaging Your Wicks

    It can be annoying when you’re in the middle of an awesome vaping session and suddenly everything comes to a grinding halt. You’re not able to vape. It’s important to take care of your wicks because it greatly affects the quality of your vaping. Continuing to use a damaged wick will leave you with a burnt taste in your mouth. It’s less than enjoyable, so it’s in your best interest to learn how to take care of your wick so you can have thick, flavorful vape every time. Wigth that said, here are a few quick tips that you can start doing today to enjoy your vaping sessions more.

    Smaller Puffs
    Taking deep puffs and waiting in between puffs for long periods can cause the burnt taste to come about. To avoid this, take smaller puffs which ensure that the wick is thoroughly coated in e-liquid. When you wait long periods of time before you hit your vape again, the e-liquid either drips back into the tank or evaporates. Simply take a few small hits before you turn the battery on and take a hit. This helps ensure that the wick is saturated and that’s what you want.

    How VG and PG Affect Your Wick
    Your wick is going to be affected differently depending upon whether you use vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). VG is thicker and typically used for sweeter e-liquids. The viscosity of this type of e-liquid can lead to buildup on your wick from the sugars. The sugar can actually burn and leads to a burnt taste. The sweeter your e-liquid is, the more likely it will build up on your wick. If you enjoy thick, dark, sweet e-liquids there is no need to change. Just keep in mind how your favorite flavor affects the wick. You may find yourself changing out old wicks for new ones more frequently because of the type of e-liquid.

    Proper Wick Size
    You can buy your wicks from a vape store or simply create them yourself. You can likely find material for you wick within your home. You can use silica wick, organic cotton balls, or Cellucotton rayon balls. Make sure that you don’t insert too much wick into the chamber. The wick is going to expand once it is saturated in the e-liquid. Too much expansion can lead to burning and thus a burnt taste.

    In addition to these tips, you also want to do basic maintenance. Clean your atomizer coils or buy new atomizer coils if you’re experiencing an ongoing burnt taste. Don’t overfill your tank with e-liquid, be mindful of how much you’re using. Also, pay attention to how long you’re taking a drag. In the event that you damage the atomizer tank and there’s a crack in it, you may just need to replace the tank. Keep in mind that you could be doing everything right, but if you’re vaping too high on the voltage, this causes the burnt taste again. As long as you keep your vape pen clean inside and out, it'll continue to provide you with hours upon hours of enjoyment.



    If you've been searching for a high-quality vaping tank that fits your budget, then the PHANTOM-X PREMIUM VAPOR TANK - DUAL COIL 1.6 OHM from Smoking Vapor is exactly what you've been looking for. It offers the best possible performance by containing a special dual coil design and uses USA Kanthol wire at 1.6 Ohms. Its maximum absorbency wicking material ensures you'll enjoy your vaping experience like no other. You'll also be surprised that how comparable to the more expensive tanks  it is and how it even outperforms many of them at a lower cost, but with the same high quality. The Phantom-X is definitely one you need to try, so you can stop wasting money on more expensive tanks.

    Still, you've to try it to believe it. The superior quality from Smoking Vapor shines through with the Phantom-X and you will not be disappointed with its performance. Smoking Vapor has designed this tank to offer you the best vapor and flavor production that is available in three very sleek colors of silver, gold, and gun metal gray. Use below 15W for best results.

    If you love to vape and plan to continue for a long time, then you've nothing to lose by purchasing the Phantom-X Premium Vapor Tank and everything to gain. Affordability and top quality are two things that you don't see very often, but with this tank you've both. You can feel confident knowing you have received a great product when you order from Smoking Vapor and that they have the consumer in mind when designing their products. For the best vaping experience like you have never had before, try this tank and prepare to be amazed.

  • Take A Walk On The MOD Side

    Take A Walk On The MOD Side

    If you've been vaping for awhile now using an e-cigarette or vape pen, perhaps you might want to give some serious consideration to upgrading to a MOD. For those who may not be that familiar with the term MOD, here is some additional information. A MOD is a larger and more powerful vaping device. If you are a vaper who caught wind of the sub-ohm vaping fad, then you might want to know just why a vaper would want to upgrade to a MOD.

    You get more for you money. As the saying goes: “You get what you pay for”. In this case, you get upgraded equipment and more vaping pleasure in general.

    It producers more vapor - providing the vaper with a better throat hit. Additionally, it increases the flavor of the e-juice.

    The MOD also has a larger battery - an advantage to anyone who complains about the life of the battery. Some people even resort to smoking real cigarettes because they cannot or don't want to wait for the battery to recharge.

    Some vapers have still other reasons for wanting to try a MOD. They want to experiment with “building” or “dripping”. Prior to the recent advent of MODs, this was only possible via a RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer). The additional battery power of a MOD is enough to facilitate and power a cloud-chasing RDA and tank that a vaper may have previously viewed in various YouTube videos.

    Vapers who were significant cigarette smokers have publicly stated vaping isn't always enough for them. They needed more of what many refer to as “kick” when vaping in order to kick their cigarette smoking habit rather than just reduce it. A MOD is believed to take care of that problem.

    MODS have more functionality. They allow uses to change the wattage or the voltage whenever they choose. MODS are also of interest to some vapers because they can be customized as well. Even those MODs that initially appear to be a bit too large can often be customized and made smaller and more convenient.

    Some vapers find themselves dissatisfied with vaping because the taste is sometimes weak and muted. MODS are also said to be better because they offer more taste. They are said to create a more flavorful experiences.

    MODS can be more interesting and (to some) even more attractive) in appearance. They're essentially the next step in the evolution of vaping. They're more than just something to ingest a bit of nicotine into the system. They offer more of a variety in both form and function.

  • Top 3 Smoking Vapor Father's Day Starter Kits


    Father's Day comes but once a year, and for Dads across America, it's a day to enjoy some well earned pampering. As for gifts, it's the thought that counts, but most dads would rather receive a gift they don't already have. Fortunately, for the man of the house who is determined to quit smoking cigarettes, yet not give up the nicotine he craves, the perfect gift this year is especially personal and will keep him happy and healthy as well. For dads new to vaping, there are starter kits that ease the transition from cigarettes, and the Top 3 Smoking Vapor Father's Day Starter Kits are affordable and always of high quality. This Father's Day, some lucky dads might receive all three kits at once.

    Pure quality is what men will notice when opening up The SV Father's Day Kit #3: PHANTOM X STARTER KIT-BLACK & GOLD. Boasting a classy design and an increase of 3x the vapor, he may choose between the black with gold device with textured battery or the silver with white pearly battery. Everything about the Phantom X shouts superior quality, including the tank with Kanthol wire coil made in the USA. Also, the drip tip is changeable. The Phantom X charges the 650 mAh Phantom Battery from the side with the included USB cord. Additionally, the instruction manual is included. Nothing could be more convenient than turning the unit on with five clicks and another five clicks will turn it off. This Father's Day, the price for the Phantom X starter kit is more affordable than ever.

    Next is the SV Father's Day Kit #2: SV PREMIUM E CIG STARTER KIT. The ebony box holds 2 extra large XL 280 mAh Batteries. This is going give the smoker a lot longer enjoyment than before. Also included is a variety of 18 flavors with five cartridges. Dads can't go wrong with this kit, because not only does it contain a USB cord for charging and a traveling case in black with a zipper and pockets, an instruction manual with invaluable information and tips is included. The warranty offers dad a 30 day money back guarantee. For that special dad, The Premium E Cig Starter Kit is discounted for Father's Day.

    The final favorite in the Top 3 Smoking Vapor Father's Day Starter Kits is the: MINI VOGUE KIT with a built-in battery for added convenience. Ideal as a traveling companion, and slim enough to fit into the hand or pocket. Each device contains a dual airflow mini tank that does the job of a much larger tank. Whether the smoker prefers an easy flow of vapors, or a burst of smoke and full flavor, the MINI VOGUE KIT delivers it all. The O-rings are resistant to overheating, which results in less leakage. The kit's battery may be charged with the included battery charger, and the PT allows the unit to charge at the same time as the person vaping. The instruction manual with its easy to read tips is included, and, another added bonus is the extra coil. Colors to choose from are turquoise, white, black, and red, which bring to mind those of an ancient stone, a snowy winter morning, a shiny black leather computer chair, and a red sunset, in that order.

    The three starter kits listed above are unchallenged in affordability, ease of use, flavor choices, and quality for this Father's Day. Father's new to vaping may want to try all three before choosing a favorite.

  • What is Spaced Coil Building?

    What is Spaced Coil Building

    With the traditionally spaced coils, it's not like we build up any less gunk. This means we're just building up on the top and more of the individual’s wraps and wick. Always, the heat applied to coils varies from contact coil to spaced. This is due to the effect caused by the power being applied, as the current flowing in the coils is cross-sectional.

    Spaced coils are always more flavored as compared to other coils like contact coils. When comparing contact coils and spaced coils, contact is more heated and lacking flavor. On the other hand, vaping is more driven by fads and fashion. Most experienced coil builders wrap perfectly spaced coils over silica supported on straightened paperclips.

    Vapers reached a time and started doing contact coil and then people began to use contact coil to get rid of heat spots. But on the other hand, some vapers prefer spaced coils because they heat up faster since less wire is needed. Spaced coils are achieved by wrapping around machine screws that work pretty well and easily. Unscrew the screw to make a perfect coil. As far as vaping gunk are concerned, the buildup is mostly oxidized carbon itself and isn't a potent threat.

    As far as the coil staying clean is the concern, we think it's marginally better. It's real easy to dry burn and re-wick an RDA, as long as you maintain the cleanness of your devices Whenever one happens to clean spaced coils, they always tend to remain cleaner. At the level of experience, all the wraps are pressed against each other, so when the gunk's up, you can see all of it build up on top of the coil as a whole.

    Most of the spaced coils must burn hotter to stay cleaner, but it seems to contain some percentage of harmful compounds, but unfortunately science hasn't yet been able to test the correct usable output of a common atomizer, let alone the output of dirty RDA.

    Overall, spaced coils test better than contact coils.

  • Re-Wrapping Your Vaping Batteries

    Re-Wrapping Your Vaping Batteries

    Daily use of anything can result in wear and tear. Each day we use the batteries in our devices but rarely think about the damage that can occur when we take them in and out. We may nick the battery casing once and slightly tear it another time but not a big problem right? No. This can be a very big problem. The skin covering our batteries is the only thing protecting them from making contact with the metal casing on our devices and shorting.

    Basically, the outer wall of the batteries in our vaping devices is a negative. This is why the positive terminal is covered and the wrap leaves the only the negative terminal exposed. If the battery casing begins to tear near the top of your battery, it could arch and cause a short.

    Do you use a regulated MOD? This doesn't matter. If the battery makes contact with the battery door it can cause a short even when you have the batteries outside of the device.

    What's the solution? Re-wrapping our batteries with cheap and easy to install cases.

    The damage to our battery cases is not only overlooked but usually ignored by many vapers. Let's have a look at your battery. Are there any nicks, scratches or cuts on the casing? If so, there's no need to stress. Follow these easy guidelines to re-wrapping your battery:

    1. Use your fingernail to get under the wrapper and begin pulling it from the batter. We suggest not using scissors or another tool to prevent damaging the cell.

    2. Measure the length of the battery and trim the new wrapper to be 1/4" long on either end. This will ensure it covers the whole battery properly once we are finished.

    3. Slide the battery into the new wrapper. Center the battery in the wrapper so there's an even amount of space on either end.

    4. Use a heat gun or a hair dryer turned to a high setting to apply heat to the battery and its ends so the wrap shrinks tightly around the batter and the ends close properly around it.

    5. It's that simple. Your battery looks brand new and is ready for more usage. We suggest labeling the battery with the date you purchased it. This way you'll know when it's time to replace the battery, not only the skin.

    Batteries are typically very resilient. They don't break easily. The damage inflicted upon them is usually caused by our usage and can be prevented by proper care.

    One last small tip: Many vapers put their batteries in their pockets along with change, keys and other metal objects that can easily damage them. It's both destructive to the battery and unsafe. It is very important to care for your batteries. Batteries that are uncared for can cause many problems.

    With proper care of your batteries, vaping can be stress free and enjoyable.

  • Top 3 Most Popular Coils Out There


    I've done an in-depth search about coils trying to get the best performers out of the RBA and RDA tanks. I had to try several coils to come up with this list. I came up with a list of three most famous coils out there. Personally I cannot decide which of the coils my favorite is.

    Tidal wire coil

    It is made up of four strands of 32 gauges kanthal A1, and a single strand of 0.8mm ribbon cable. The Kanthal A1 strand is warped together. Then the 0.8mm fabric is back twisted on the Kanthal. The tidal wire coil ends up with a wavy shape. It is this wave like gaps in the Kanthal that generate heat to the ribbon. The warm ribbon then gives out a vapor that is dense and flavorful from your coil. DO NOT touch the coil first when installing. When you have installed, adjust your coil to line up precisely. The coil then can generate vapor immediately. When back warping the ribbon wire, watch it. And don't just feel the wire. When you're done back twisting, there'll be no movement of the ribbon. If you go on to wrap further, the Kanthal develops kinks.

    Clapton coil

    I've loved this reel since I found it. The Clapton coil is made using a 30gauge Kanthal twisted around a 28 gauge Kanthal. One good thing with this coil is the channels available for the seepage of juice when saturated. This infiltration produces an unbelievable flavor. It also generates dense, flavorful vapor. When you twist the 30 gauge kanthal over the 28 gauge wire, start the drill slowly. When you increase the speed of the drill, the 30 gauge strand slowly lines up the required shape. Usually, you'll lose the 1st inch of the kanthal, but your wire falls into place well. Warping up this coil is hard, but you'll learn to do it properly with time.

    Tiger coil

    The tiger coil is easier to twist and build compared to the other coils discussed before.
    It's build using a single 0.8mm ribbon strand and a 30 gauge Kanthal. The wires are slot in the drill bit in a manner that the 30 gauge strand bisects the 0.8mm fabric. They're then twisted together with the ribbon wire on the outside. The tiger coil produces good vapor too.

    E-juices can get very expensive. That's why you've to get optimum service from your coil. The ones I've listed above are all good and can be substituted to fit your various needs. A good reel is one that traps more juice and converts it to immediate vapor. The wires used in these coils ensure that they're always above 0.5ohms. However, always double check the coil resistance to heat before using it.

    I've taken you through the top three most famous coils in our markets today. It's your choice to make for which one will serve you best.

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