Smoking Vapor

  • The True Feeling of Vapor


    The true feeling of vapor is like inhaling flavored air. I heard that it was going to be a similar experience to smoking when I first started years ago, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was better. Vapor has provided a much better taste and a cleaner feeling inside my lungs as well. It is clear that the vapor is far less harmful to my health than tobacco and any media source that tells you differently is being dishonest. Vaping feels much smoother than cigarettes as its going down. It does allow you some of the same sensation, but it lacks the harshness of tobacco.

    However, if you've never vaped before the feel of the vape in your mouth is much thinner than tobacco smoke and of course it lacks the taste of tobacco which's a good thing. Long time smokers tend to not notice the way tobacco makes them smell because they have become desensitized to it. But once you start substituting vaping for smoking, the smell of tobacco smoke will become apparent and it will be something that you want to avoid. The darker juices tend to create a heavier cloud and the lighter juices feel gentler as they go down.

    When you inhale vapor, it will have a wet texture to it. At first, it may take some getting used to because of that texture of wetness that cigarette smoke lacks. It is a natural reaction to gag or cough because of this. Soon your body will adjust to the new sensations of the vapor and you will feel better because rather than inhaling many harmful chemicals, you are breathing in soothing vapor that satisfies your nicotine cravings and the feeling in your lungs is lighter and healthier.

    The experience can be enhanced or changed in a couple of ways. First of all, there are a wide variety of e-liquids available on the market today. In fact, you will be able to try new flavors and styles continually and never run out of options. Your own personal taste will determine which are best for you. Not only do they vary in taste but they also vary in the amount of nicotine in them. So it's possible to wean your nicotine consumption down to absolutely nothing in a pretty short amount of time.

    The second game changer in the vaping experience is the device you use to vape with. One of the early types was the mini e-cig, this is a discrete option. It's about the size of a pen but the battery doesn’t last all that long and it doesn’t have a powerful flow into your lungs. The second option is the mid-sized. This is probably the most popular and the one that I prefer. The most popular brands are eGo & EVOD. I like this because the size is about that of a cigar and it provides a consistent flow all the time. It is a good feeling to know what type of taste and experience you are going to have. Finding the perfect device that feels right in your hand will allow the right amount of cloud in your lungs. The true feeling of vapor will allow you to feel great.

  • E-Liquids and Cartridges: The Best Options For New Vapers


    For those who wish to quit smoking and make the transition to vaping, there are some options to consider when purchasing their first electronic cigarette or vape pen. There are two methods for nicotine administration in either device; the cartridge and e-liquid. There are marked differences between the two that would fit different personalities and budgets. Though both options are far cheaper than cigarettes, you still want to purchase the right one for your vaping needs. With that said, here's a quick breakdown of each to help any new vapers out there understand what their needs might be.

    Cartridges for two piece vaping kits contain both the liquid and the atomizer. The cartridge and atomizer are single use, so they're disposed of after the liquid has run out. They're extremely simple to change out, which make them a great beginner model. There are usually more drags available in the cartridge and there's no chance of spilling the liquid. One can also purchase different concentrations of nicotine and different flavor cartridges here at Smoking Vapor. The average cartridge lasts about as long as a pack of cigarettes. (Companies usually make more available cartridge and battery options, but they do not span to different brands. Any brand of e-liquid is transferable to any pen, so mixing and matching is much more of a possibility.)

    E-liquid is a bit more versatile in terms of customization. A creative vaper can blend liquids to make new concentrations of nicotine and new flavors of liquid. The biggest perk of e-liquid is the expense. Liquids last a lot longer than disposable cartridge and the atomizer is re-usable so a vaper ends up saving significant amounts of money. The liquid method does require more work to refill, as it manually has to be dropped into the chamber through the cotton. Some people actually prefer the manual method, as it familiarizes them with their device in case they want to repair or modify it.

    Cartridges are recommended for most beginners simply because of the ease of transition. Because there's less work involved in reloading the device, beginners can get used to vaping and develop their personal taste and style. Then, if they're interested in saving more money in the long-run as well as having advanced customization options, they can move on to e-liquids. The ambitious spirit can transition straight to e-liquids, but everyone should try both methods just to make sure they're once again not wasting money and getting the most satisfying vape experience possible.

  • New to Vaping: Do You Choose a Disposable or Starter Kit?

    Disposable or Starter Kit

    Congratulations to you if you recently gave up on traditional tobacco smoking and moved to vaping. Since you recently started, you most certainly do need to learn a few tips. This'll go a long way in preventing you from backsliding to traditional smoking due to frustrations. For beginners in the world of vaping, it's important that they're aware of the differences between starter kits and disposable e-cigarettes.

    When comparing the affordability of this vaping devices, disposable e-cigarettes are the best choice for newbies. Disposable e-cigarettes are very cheap. As a beginner in vaping, you may not want to risk so much of your money in something that you are not sure whether you'll enjoy. Disposables provide a cheap means of experimentation. Later, if you like the experiment, you could invest in a starter kit. However, it'd be wise to purchase a starter kit once you're well settled into vaping. Though the initial cost of purchase is high, you don't have to re-buy once your flavor is exhausted. Therefore, starter kits are cost-effective in the long run.

    Ease of Use
    In comparison to starter kits, disposable e-cigs are very easy to use. Unlike starter kits, you don't have to refill them. This can be quite tricky, with some starter kits. Additionally, no recharge is required. As soon as you exhaust them you dispose them off. Also, they require no maintenance and they're available at Smoking Vapor.

    The starter kit is the greater choice to make where flavor experimentation is concerned. With a starter kit, you can refill your device with different flavors until you reach the flavor that you think's perfect. On the other hand, if you are to experiment flavors with disposable e-cigs, you end-up wasting lots of money because you've to buy multiple devices. Also, with disposable e-cigs, it's not possible for you to try mixing your flavors.

    Additionally, when it comes to nicotine levels, starter kits are the best choice. Particularly, for those who were previously heavy smokers. Since the starter kits aren't pre-filled, it allows the vaper to adjust nicotine levels according to their needs.

    There's no wrong choice between starter kits and disposable e-cigarettes. Choosing between the two is a personal decision. By considering the above, you'll be able to make a short-term decision. This is at least until you gain more experience in the world of vaping.

  • The Art of Wicking


    There are literally hundreds of e-liquid flavors and vaporizers available on today's market, making it easy  to most when it comes to finding their flavor. Another side to having all of these options with regard to vaping equipment customization and e-liquids is the confusion that comes with trying to vape for the first time. One of the more confusing aspect can be wicking the device itself.

    The wick of a vaporizer is located just under the e-liquid tank. The e-liquid passes from the tank to the atomizer by way of the wick. The wick gives the coil e-liquid which the coil then heats up and turns to vapor. Wicking your vaporizer is the process by which you replace or install a new wick. Some instructions may vary depending on what model of vaporizer is being used. Here are some tips on how to best wick your vaporizer.

    Wicking is done by winding your wick through the coils of the atomizer in your device. The best way to do this, depending on how many coils you have, is to snugly wrap your wick through each coil and cut any excess wick you may have off. If the wick's too thick, use tweezers to comb the wick. This'll remove some of the threads of the wick and make a bit easier to manipulate. After you have sized and tucked your wick through the coil(s), dip both ends of the wick in e-liquid and tuck them into the e-liquid Chanel of the device. An alternate method that is recommended by some is to fully saturate your wick and then adjust it after it has already changed shape from expanding. This method take a bit longer however for installation and wick replacement. Regardless of the what method you use, do your best to keep your e-liquid channels clear.

    Various methods of wicking will produce different outcomes in regard to vaporizer performance. Despite some of the differences between the older and newer rebuild-able atomizers, the methods of dry-prep, wicking the coils, seating the wick, and re-installation remain the same. experiment with different wicking techniques to find the one that suites you and your vaping style.

  • How Can You Tell if Your E-Liquid is Too Thick?

    eliquid too thick

    If you recently quit the bad habit of tobacco cigarette smoking and moved to vaping, thumbs up! You just made a big step in your life. Since you're new to the world of vaping, I'mm sure you must be overwhelmed by all the new things you've to learn, one of them being e-liquid properties. To optimize your vaping experience you need to learn how to maintain an e-liquid that's neither too thick nor too thick. So, how do you tell if your e-liquid is too thick?

    Ways to Tell if the E-liquid is Too Thick
    You can tell that your e-liquid is too thick by checking the VG/PG ratio. If your e-liquid has a very high Vegetable Glycerine ratio compared to the Propylene Glycol ratio, then the e-liquid is probably too thick. Vegetable glycerine is heavy and thick. Using this base tends to add that extra viscosity in e-liquids that leads to thick vapors. However, if too much of it's used, the e-liquid gets too thick.

    Importance of Identifying if an E-Liquid is Thick before Vaping
    Identifying whether your e-liquid is too thick before you begin vaping is very important. If your e-liquid is too thick, you will experience burnt flavors which is just terrible. This happens as a result of your wick getting clogged by the very thick e-liquid, therefore reducing its ability to saturate and coat the coil. Another reason why you need to identify if the e-liquid is too thick before filling into your tank is because thick e-liquids are not easy to pours into tanks. Especially, those with a filler inside. Additionally, the use of thick e-liquid will cause the constant need for you to replace your cartridge heads due to clogging up.

    If you notice that your e-liquid is too thick, then you should try thinning it a little bit. But not too much such that it gets too thin. To do so, you can carefully add a few drops of distilled or ionized water. Also, adding a few drops of vodka will help a great deal. However, you can avoid this problem all together, you can purchase e-liquids that have lower Vegetable Glycerine ratios compared to the Propylene Glycol ratio. Additionally, you can invest in a new model tank that allows for you to vape higher VG ratios without issues.

  • Let Your Tank Warm Up First


    Vaping is a new trend that has risen over the last couple of years, and slowly taken place of traditional cigarettes. Along with vaping, there are some things that those who choose to vape should keep in mind. One such key piece of advice is allowing your tank to warm up first. While this might seem a bit strange, you'll be glad you did once you've read these few bits of advice on how it can really help you.

    First things first, letting your tank warm itself up a bit before use. For anyone who's new to vaping, you always want to let your tank warm up first. As included in the instructions, this allows the coil to properly function and makes those first few inhales not quite as powerful. It also allows the wick to fully absorb the flavor/liquid from whatever e-juice you go with.

    As your safety is a number one priority, there are reasons you should know in why you should be allowing your tank to heat up. For the device to function properly it relies on that heat up period. Without it, you're not allowing the wick to get the liquid, but more importantly, you're also going to burn out the coil. Coils are fairly cheap, but over time they can really cost quite a bit of money. In order to prevent burning one out, the device needs to remain filled properly and allowed to warm up first.

    Almost like a vehicle, coils will come with resistance. The time it takes for the tank to heat up, gives it time to function properly with the rest of the vapor. The tank serves multiple purposes, and one of those is helping to heat up the liquid in the vapor. While there are a ton of flavors out there, you'll likely never want one that tastes like burnt rubber. Unfortunately, for anyone that doesn't bother to let the tank heat up, this'll be a problem that is encountered.

    When the tank warms up, it eliminates the taste of burnt rubber as you're not getting the taste of the wick and coil, but instead that of the e-liquid.

  • Your Body Will Be Your Vaping Guide


    The human body can be considered the most reliable machine that you'll ever come in contact with. In most circumstances, the body will do it's best to let you know what you're doing may cause it harm. In today's age we listen to our bodies more than ever and do our best to take care of it in most cases. I say most cases because in activities like vaping, not much is known on how to listen to our bodies. Vaping can be a fun and enjoyable experience, but anything in excess can be harmful. While enjoying an electronic cigarette, take a moment to listen to your body to make sure that an activity you enjoy isn't causing unhealthy reactions. While vaping can be fun, it's always good to know what signs to look for and how your body may react to too much vaping.

    A common signal that you may need to slow down is the feeling of being light-headed. This can happen from either vaping to much in one sitting, or vaping a higher nicotine percentage than you're normally accustom to. If this does happen, take a break from the vapor. Relax for a little bit and then continue later on, slowly. An e-cigarette or even a vaporizer is not a cigarette and shouldn't be puffed on constantly. This again can bring on the feeling of being light headed due to a lack of oxygen. Slow draws or inhalations from the device will also mitigate the woozy feelings that come from puffing to fast.

    Nausea is another common issue among those that over vape. This can be attributed also vaping too much in to short a time, or increasing the nicotine percentage by large amounts. Jumping from a high low percent to a high percentage can cause nausea or lack of concentration. This is also common among aigrette smokers that smoke too many cigarettes in too short a time. The best way to avoid this is to test how you feel by vaping e-liquids with low percentages of nicotine and slowly increase the nicotine percentage overtime. The best part about vaping is that you've the control that traditional cigarettes don't offer. Starting off with less is always better than immediately jumping into more.

    As you can see, yes vaping gives you far more control over your smoking experience than a standard cigarette do. But the key word there's "control" and in order to properly enjoy vaping, you must pay attention to how your body is responding to the level of nicotine as well as the frequency of your puffs. By doing this, you'll be able to find the perfect intersection of enjoyment and satisfaction rather than nausea and a clouded mental state.

  • Hit a "Home-Run" at Smoking Vapor

    Home Run

    With baseball season right around the corner, be prepared to hit a "home run" over at Smoking Vapor. We've been in the business since the industry started and are dedicated to offering top-notch products with excellent customer service. Whether you're a rookie or seasoned pro, we can help you get the most out of vaping with products and accessories for vapers of any level.

    Our team will not have you strike out on products, with a year long warranty and a 30-day refund policy if you're not entirely satisfied with your product. We work quick and will have your products shipped the same day in most cases, with free shipping on any purchases that exceed $49.

    A Steal On Starter Kits
    If you want to feel like an MVP, we carry starter kits that offer an exceptional vaping experience and are built with the latest technology. Each starter kit comes bases loaded with everything needed to get going and they're completely customization. The e-cigs are designed to be balanced and comfortable with a nice looking glossy shell and glowing LEDs. Starting at minor league prices of $24.95, it's easy to see the value as well as the excellent quality these devices are.

    The Starting Ace: E-Liquids and Refills
    There's no need to worry when it comes to e-liquids at Smoking Vapor. We have them with or without nicotine, offer everything you could need for refills, and pitch some of the best flavored e-liquids around. We carry many of the major league brands in the business when it comes to our e-liquids, and we also have our own personal line of flavors and carts. Whether you want a standard ratio blend or you're trying to make the largest clouds possible, every player in the game can find exactly what they are looking for.

    Hit A Grand Slam With Club Points
    Smoking Vapor created Club Points with their fans in mind, their valued customers, to offer a chance of saving money on all purchases. The more interaction you have with us on social media the more points you can earn. Being in the dugout coaching your friends into trying Smoking Vapor can also net you even more points for every purchase they make. Once you have accumulated some points, you can check their points slider when making purchases for discounts.

    With only a few days left before the season starts, make sure you've everything you need for vaping on Opening Day with Smoking Vapor. Again, regardless if you're new or experienced, we have something to offer with top-rated customer support, year long warranties, and free shipping that'll give you the best chance to hit a home run.

  • When Should a Vaper Start Sub-Ohm Vaping?

    Sub-ohm Vaping

    In simple terms, sub-ohm vaping is when you vape on a device that has a resistance of less than 1 ohm. The lower the resistance of the coils, the quicker it can heat up and vaporize e-liquids. Sub-ohm is only recommended for more experienced vapers, as it can be complicated and possibly a little dangerous if you do not follow the proper precautions.

    Anyone wondering when or if they should start sub-ohm vaping, should most definitely have some experience with traditional vaping. It also requires a little knowledge about vaping gear, wattage, and ohms, so doing your research is necessary. When done correctly, sub-ohm vaping can provide thicker clouds of vapor, heightened flavors as well as a new and satisfying vaping experience.

    Battery Safety

    Choosing the right battery and using it properly is probably the most important part of the setup when sub-ohm vaping. Much more heat is generated in low resistance coils, which strains the components of the vaping device, so novices especially should express caution. In some cases, many issues involved with this style of vaping can be avoided with the proper VV/VW regulated mods.

    Basic care for a battery involves never letting it get excessively cold or hot and ensuring that it always stays dry. If the wrappers get damaged, it's recommended to throw them out. Never trust a dented battery, it's safest to throw them away. Preferably, stick to batteries from trustworthy brands that provide high continues amp limits. Also, it's crucial that you always stay within a battery's amp limits, otherwise the battery will fail.

    Nicotine and E-Liquids

    When sub-ohm vaping, the nicotine levels can be lowered substantially because of the increased vapor being produced and inhaled on each puff. Also since more power is being sent to the low resistance coils, e-liquids are vaporized much more efficiently and absorbed better through the lungs. The large majority of vapers will want to drop below 6 mg when trying sub-ohm, regardless of their previous strength, some even remove it entirely.

    Typically, people who enjoy sub-ohm vaping will stick to e-liquids with high ratios of VG, since it provides a throat hit that's much softer compared to PG. With the increased intensity of sub-ohm vaping, this is usually necessary. Higher amounts of VG also creates larger and thicker clouds of vaper. There's also no need to worry about flavor with a high VG ratio since the higher volumes of vapor enhance the flavor without the need of PG.

    These are the basics for vapers looking to venture into sub-ohm territory. As always, proper research and care should be taken before getting started. Quality equipment and batteries are an absolute necessity for a good and safe experience. While they aren't necessary, learning about mods can also help with sub-ohm vaping, to help reduce risks with increased heat. Cloud makers and advanced vapers who like working on and rebuilding their devices will especially enjoy sub-ohm vaping.

  • 3 Tips For Maintaining The Right Throat Hit

    Throat Hit

    The throat hit can be explained as the sensation someone feels at the back of their throat when taking a puff from their vaping device, most commonly described as a slight tickling or tingling. A good throat hit is typically the most important factor for vapers, and this is especially true for people who used to be heavy smokers. There are a few different factors to consider for maintaining a good throat hit, such as the nicotine level, the type of e-liquid and flavor, and even the vaping equipment being used.

    The Nicotine Sweet Spot
    For the best throat hit, finding the right nicotine level is critical. E-liquids as you might already know are available in a range of different levels containing nicotine. Of course, the more nicotine a liquid contains, the stronger the throat hit is going to be. For people who were light smokers, or non-smokers new to vaping, liquids containing 8 mgs will most likely be plenty. However, anyone that used to be a heavy smoker will likely need more, something around 24 mgs. There are e-liquids going up as high as 36 mgs, but for most people they're too strong.

    E-Liquid Type And Flavor
    Outside of how much nicotine an e-liquid contains, there's also the PG/VG ratio and the flavor to consider. Most e-liquids come in a ratio of PG and VG, and depending on what an individual is looking for, they can test out different ratios to find out which one will give them the best throat hit. E-liquids that have a higher ratio of PG to VG, deliver a stronger throat hit. The liquids specific flavor also plays a role, and as most vapers would agree, tobacco flavor types usually have a stronger throat hit. Any e-liquids with common strong flavors, such as cinnamon or mint, can bring forth a stronger throat hit as well.

    Equipment and Care
    There are a couple things to think about when it comes to the device being used for vaping. For example, devices with higher voltages or more coils are able to heat the liquids better, which in turn produces a stronger hit. Another often overlooked aspect is the maintenance of the vaping device. Without proper care, the quality of each throat hit will continue to decline. It's important to make sure the liquid is topped off, batteries are charged, and the device is cleaned according to the directions.

    These are the main aspects of a good throat hit and taking note of them will help any vaper discover the perfect throat hit that is as strong or mild as they like. Whether it's the device or liquid, with a little time, everyone can find what suits them for the best vaping experience possible.

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